What Makes Autumn So Special?

Fall is like a makers paradise - crisp weather, gentle breezes, cozy projects, and how could we forget Halloween!? No matter your age, we all have a soft spot for this haunting holiday! 

We lurked around the JBW crypt, searching for the resident Monsters so they could give us some insight as to why they enjoy this spooky season so much!
We found Nate the Nix hanging out by the water fountain. "I get so excited that it finally starts to cool down, and I can wear all of my cool leather and denim jackets again!" We asked for him to comment on the fact that a water nymph would love jackets and he dodged the question!Julia the Jackalope heard us talking about Halloween and quickly hopped up to us. She flicked her ears in excitement, "I love Halloween because it gives me a chance to dress up as my fav characters like Wayne Campbell and Mugatu. The weather is perfect for my wardrobe as well," She glanced to Nate and nodded in solidarity, "and curling up with a hot apple cider and a good book!! Also, my puppy, Ziggy, was born on Halloween, so it gives me even more reason to celebrate an already great holiday!" This was getting stranger and stranger! We inquired as to how she could dress up as a human while she's a rabbit, and she replied, "Where there's a will, there's a way!"
Made sense to us!
We bid adieu to our fuzzy friend and continued on our way, coming to a corner where Jenna the Jack-O-Lantern greeted us merrily! We inquired as to her favorite
part of the season, to which she replied, “I love the excuse to watch even MORE
spooky movies and eat tons of candy!” We nodded in agreement. Candy is good all days of the year, but for some reason, it always tastes a little sweeter when
it’s October!
Sarah the Spirit floated through a nearby wall, admitting she was eavesdropping (though, we suppose ghosts can’t help that!), “I love the yearly hunt to find maple leaves that are bigger than my face!! Bonus points if they're multicolored. Also, if you're a nanny/babysitter/parent, this one is a HUGE hit with the 6-and-under crowd.”

We followed up her answer with a question, 
“Don’t the kids get scared of you?”

“Nah, they think it’s fun that I can float around,” Sarah replied. What a good sport – we’re admittedly a little jealous of her awesome levitation skills as well.
We waved goodbye to the duo and lurked around Shannon the Shade’s typical haunt. We found her lounging in her office, marveling at the wonderful work the spiders have done (they’re like free, in-house decorators!). She took notice of us and raised an inquisitive brow, “I heard you down the hall, you wanna know what my favorite thing about the season is, huh?” We stood there, frozen in shock!

 “Er.. Yes!”

Shannon chuckled and confided, “I love to decorate the house for Halloween in anticipation of all the kiddos coming to Trick-or-Treat!! Hope it happens this year!!” We nodded solemnly and made a vow to decorate whether the kids come around Trick-or-Treating or not!
Just when we least expected it, Sam the Screaming Skull cackled from down the hallway. She slid into the room in style and pointed at us, exclaiming her love for summer! “I am Team Summer all the way! The only thing I can say about fall is that I have reason to start wearing my hand knits.”

We quickly slipped out the door as the two started to argue about what season was better and found ourselves out in the warehouse where we found Dawn the Dragon giving some yarn a good squish. She was chatting with Alex the Angel about a mutual celebration they’ve had in October!

 "My Wedding was Oct. 30. Had a Halloween theme. Can you see the graveyard fountain behind the tombstone?” Dawn happily asked, showing Alex a photo. Alex nodded happily and replied with her own wedding experience, stating,
“My wedding was in October, too! I love all the cozy sweaters, and I love adding blankets to every piece of furniture in the house, HOT espresso drinks, decorating my front porch, pumpkin everything, and that it finally cools down, though I LOVE summer!
All of these sweet reasons for loving the season had us a little dizzy, so we decided to retire to the break room, and wouldn’t you know? We ran into the final three people we were looking for! A little circle of Angela the Alicorn, Adrienne the Apparition, and Dr. Alex Frankelstein were all chatting. Word had gotten around the crypt that we had been asking everyone what their favorite thing about the season of autumn was, and they were quietly gushing about their kiddos,
 “I love the challenge of making costumes for my boys every year! In general, like all residents of the Southern US, autumn brings the promise of highs below
90°F. It doesn't always deliver right away, but the promise is there!” Angela
The other two nodded and clapped excitedly for the promise of Angela not melting at the height of the day!
Adrienne chimed in, "Seeing my kiddos planning their costumes is so nice! The crisp, sunny weather is perfect for toasty sweater projects!"

The other two ooh'd and ahh'd at the idea of starting on sweaters soon. Being able to curl up with a nice book in something handmade is just so nice - we can't wait!
Dr. Frankelstein added her two cents in, "My kids always pick hilarious costumes, so that’s a lot of fun. We also love picking apples and pears in our backyard, sweaters & boots, the leaves changing, hot beverages, the whole shebang!" 

We squealed in delight as they continued to talk about the scents of autumn and spooky happenings in the night. It was so refreshing to see everyone (or almost everyone, that is) enjoy the season as much as we do! While it may only be August, we're so excited for the temperature to drop. Reno doesn't exactly have a full autumn season, but that one week of perfect 70F temperature is pure bliss!

Okay, we totally have a bonus. Amy Gunderson the Ghoulish Ghost dodged every question we asked her! How is that a bonus, you may ask? We unearthed some photos of her and her dog dressed up as owls for Halloween! How cute!!


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