New Year, New Resolutions!

New Year's Resolutions are always a fun way to ring in the start of a new year. Whether it's a goal to be more successful, spend more time with family, get fit, or just care for yourself a little bit more, we love hearing what people are passionate about working on! We took a still around the Jimmy Beans warehouse to ask the Beans what their resolutions for 2021 were and their answers were eye-opening!
Julia, our Madelinetosh Maven, has finally decided to jump onto the bandwagon (and we're so excited to have her!) and knit her first-ever project! She decided to go the Alex route and make her first project be a chunky sweater, and we're going to be cheering her on the whole way! Luckily for her, there are plenty of willing Beans to help her on her knitting journey, hehe! Speaking of Alex, she mentioned something about generally being healthier in the new year. She promised herself to eat more of her greens and cut down on the sugar. We admire this one a lot because we know just how yummy sugary foods can be - good luck, Alex, we believe in you! Keeping on the topic of fitness and health, our HR manager, Mindy, told us in the most delightful way how she wants to continue her Noom journey, which has brought some great changes to her eating and lifestyle habits! The Queen of Design herself, Amy, decided to look inward for her resolution. She promised to practice kindness and patience when it comes to herself. She will be working on a more productive self-dialogue, which is an admirable goal. Sometimes we can get so wrapped up in self-deprecating humor and self-criticism that we lose our drive to feel better. The Newsletter Crafter, Wren, has vowed to start being kinder to himself. The brain is our biggest strength and greatest downfall, and he's learned this year that being so dang hard on yourself doesn't really help you grow! He also wants to spend more time with his fiance and push himself out of his comfort zone a little bit more. Finally, we made our way over to our della Q Dutchess, Jenna, who only had one thing to say about her New Year's resolution, "To do whatever to forget 2020 ever existed." Too real, Jenna. Too real.
The Beans from left to right: Julia, Alex, Mindy, Amy
Just in case you didn't catch what our Beans in the newsletter are doing, here's a quick recap- Our Warehouse Wizard, Nate, likes to sing little tunes as he’s out pulling orders and has decided to take that a step further by writing and recording a song (though we’re hoping for a full EP) and releasing it to the world! He also plans to journal a lot more and practice some self-care. We’re so stoked for this superstar to share his creations with us!

Purchaser Extraordinaire, Adrienne, is anticipating a lot of yarn in her future! She shared with us that her goal for the new year is to write, grade, and launch her first-ever sweater pattern! After a successful year of beautiful shawls and socks, we can’t wait to see what that beautiful noggin is going to dream up!

The Tech Titan herself, Ashton, wants to spend more time with her favorite people - that would be her dog, and her girlfriend. She expressed interest in taking them kayaking and hiking, and just generally exploring the world in new and exciting ways for her and her family. She hopes travel will be safer in the future so they can spend time together in new places!
The Beans from left to right: Jenna, Nate, Adrienne, Ashton

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