Greetings from Bryson HQ!

The Beans had been called for a meeting today after one of us found a peculiar letter left on one of our desks. No one knew where this note came from - it was almost like it had materialized out of thin air! As we carefully opened the envelope, we could see it was lovingly hand-written. Though, of course, this piqued our interest even more!

Unfolding the letter within, we gathered around, everyone standing on tip-toes to get a glimpse of who this letter could possibly be from. 
The letter started out (with impeccably good cursive, nonetheless):

"Greetings, Beans!
I am writing to you all the way from Bryson HQ - it's me, Adrienne!"

We all leaned in more, eyes prying for more information - we knew Adrienne was out on an adventure, but she hadn't shared with us where exactly she was going. Now we knew and it felt like a hunger had been satiated but we still wanted more.

Why was she there? How long had she planned on not telling us? We were all very curious!

"Today, I decided to visit my friends over at Bryson and they welcomed me with open arms - or should I say, open needles!? They have beautiful woodwork around here. Did you know that Jim Bryson designed and built all of it because that was his profession before getting into all this yarn stuff, pretty neat right?"

Attached were images of beautiful gazebos and picnic benches that left us with a dreamy feeling, one of whimsy, wishing we were there, taking a break while knitting a few rows of our latest project.

"You'll notice I gathered quite a few photos while I was there, that guy with the guitar is Terry, he takes care of the crew by day and is in a metal band by night - it seems like we both have awesome Terrys in common!"

We had to agree, our warehouse manager, Terry, is pretty darn cool, hehe! 

"Learning about everyone's life both inside and out of the fiber arts has opened my eyes and has left me feeling a little homesick for you all!"

"In the group photos, you can see Bryce, who likes to wear his yeti mask to work, Billy, working hard pulling orders, our salesperson, Julie, and so many more of the awesome staff here at Bryson!

They work hard around the clock to make sure everyone has the needles and crochet hooks they need to start on their next project - you wouldn't believe how much Mindful Collection stuff they have! I was tempted to grab some, haha!"

We could feel everyone breathe out a slight sigh of relief as we read how cheery this trip was making Adrienne! We missed her dearly but maybe it wasn't so bad as long as she was enjoying herself. She signed her letter with a short and sweet "XOXO Adrienne" though something tells us this isn't the last of her shenanigans - we're excited to see where her next letter takes us!

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