Back to School Essentials!

Alrighty, class - the school year has officially started! Have you been reading through your class syllabus and required materials? At Jimmy Beans University, we want to stay connected with you and up to date with all of the new materials you'll need for your studies. We believe keeping a fresh, open mindset about things and modernizing our knitting and crocheting materials keeps our minds refreshed with the newest trends, keeping us informed and our wardrobes full.

A list of materials necessary for this knitting course at JBU:

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The Jimmy Beans Wool Back to School Kit is your one-stop shop for getting a boost in your creativity this semester! This goody bag (goody box?) is filled will oodles of fiber in the ways of Madelinetosh Unicorn Tails, a 6" magnifying ruler, limited edition pencils, and a download code for the Bellatrix Shawlette and the Circinus Hat, both designed by Amy Gunderson.

Available in two colorways, the Trapper Keeper Highlighter set, and the Peachy Keen Pastel set, immerse yourself in the nostalgic days of the 80s with this all-encompassing kit suited perfectly for your first day!

The Peachy Keen set was inspired by the yellow-tinged sketches of school athletes while the Trapper Keeper was inspired by the retro neon aesthetics we miss so dearly.

The della Q Maker's Canvas Backpack was designed for makers like you in mind! Suitable for all crafts, hobbies, and general needs, this backpack really has it all! Inspired by the classic rucksack, this bag, created out of waxed canvas and genuine leather, has quite the list of achievements under its belt! From a yarn feeder and yarn cutter included, emergency stitch markers, hidden compartments, and so much more, this bag is totally going to be sitting at the cool kid's table during lunch! Reliably sturdy with adjustable handles, you can customize this bag to be representative of who you are!

Have you picked up your textbooks yet? We have a whole library filled to the brim with pages and pages of knit and crochet patterns, beautiful photography, and well-spoken stories. Among our favorites, you can find Pom Pom Quarterly, YARN Bookazines, and so much more! To find these bookish beauties, you can check out the Books tab in our menu! We HAVE to highlight the My Knitting Notes book from Laine Publishing. Available in a modern, mustard shade, this notebook includes space for 31 knitting projects (each of which takes up 4 pages), a ribbon place marker, 18 gridded pages for charts or colorwork sketches, and a conversion table!

And before you ask - yes you can use this on the test. ;)

The Jimmy Beans Notepad is a tiny but mighty wonder, always coming in clutch when we need to write down something important or make a list (whether it be a wishlist, a grocery list, or anything else).

Each notepad measures 5" long x 4" wide, which makes it the perfect size for tucking away into your bag for storage purposes. And, don't worry, we've already got ya covered with the first, most important item on your list, hehe!

Last, but certainly not least, we need our writing, er, knitting utensils, don't we? Loop, knit, and scribble away with Jimmy's SmartStix, needles that do the work of a handful of different notions for you! Save time by being able to measure your garments, assess your gauge, reduce clutter, and test the weight of your yarn all with this smart little tool! Each needle and cord is marked at one-inch intervals to make this process streamlined and ultra-quick so you can get to your studies (project) that much quicker!

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