A Fiber Breakdown with Berroco Yarns!

As we prepare for the summer season, we have eagerly been searching for fresh yarns to replace our cozy winter knits. To gain insights into the fibers available and discover the perfect match for you, we reached out to our friends at Berroco Yarns. Here's what they had to say: 

Here at Berroco we’re proud to distribute over 50 qualities of yarns to our wonderful retail partners. We choose from hundreds of yarns each season to bring you the best of the best.
We are conscious of the kinds of fibers that work well for creating successful knitting and crochet projects and wanted to share what we know to help you make the best decisions for your next WIP!
Let’s explore the fibers in some of our more popular yarns:


Ultra Alpaca

A “best of both worlds” kind of yarn that blends the best qualities of wool and alpaca. The wool fiber gives Ultra Alpaca its spring and bounces back whereas the alpaca gives it its softness, halo, and drape. The result is a yarn that is versatile and warm. This is a great yarn for garments that will wear beautifully for years to come, plus it’s a fan favorite our customers keep coming back for. We are proud to offer Ultra Alpaca in a DK and Chunky weight as well!



Lanas is our 100% wool, made with a special blend of South American  wool. This yarn is soft, has a beautiful sheen and opens up when washed. When looking for a 100% wool yarn this one is hard to beat. We love this classic yarn in all types of garments and accessories. Lanas is available in a DK and Chunky weight, too.

Pima Soft

Cotton has so many great uses in knitting and crochet. Often it can be stiff and tough to work with but our Pima Soft yarn features a buttery soft feel in a 2-ply construction. Its long silky fibers are what create next-to-skin softness.  



Our summer yarn Splash features a blend of viscose and cotton. Viscose is a biodegradable fiber made from wood pulp that is breathable and light. When knitted up it has a beautiful drape. Splash is spun with a  chainette construction which gives the garments great structure. When working with viscose it’s important to wash your swash as it tends to shrink at first. The swatch will open up when you block it out. 



A perfect summer yarn, our hemp and cotton blend yarn features fibers that are both strong and durable but also incredibly soft when washed. Hemp creates a beautiful drape and has a lovely feel. Hemp is one of the oldest known fiber used in textiles. It will create garments that will last for many seasons.


As always, read the label when you’re buying yarn to see the fiber content and make sure to always WASH your swatch!

Happy Crafting!


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