Procrastination or Rebelliousness?

For me, there's nothing worse than doing things because i have to - instead of because i want to. And that goes for knitting, too.

Now that i've finally committed to knitting the Soft Linen Hoodie (and using Soft Linen), it makes me crazy to have to work on anything else. I've been knitting on this hoodie for days now - days in which i should have been knitting on the Breast Cancer Scarf to send to Knit n Style. (The scarf will be featured in their December issue - which comes out in September... ?!?). We did have 1 BC scarf in the store, but i sent it to Vogue last month for inclusion in their Holiday Issue (that comes out in October - at least "holiday" is a more nebulous phrase), so i needed to knit another one for KnS. Of course, i knew i needed to do this 5 days ago. But i didn't want to! I wanted to watch my hoodie grow (yes, i know, i'm knitting it in brown... but at least it's a greenish brown. That's a huge leap for me).

Anyway, i sucked it up last night and was able to get my scarf in the mail today (granted, i had to pay $23 for express mail, when i could have just worked on it 1 day prior and paid $5 for priority... geesh! I basically just paid $18 to work on the soft linen first...). Anyway, it should arrive to KnS tomorrow afternoon - in plenty of time for photographing (of course Buddy wanted to model it first).

Btw, i think i have enough left over yarn to knit a single-stranded hat (alternating between the different yarns - could be kinda pretty!). If there's anyone out there that would be interested in me sending the leftovers, all i ask is that you send me a photo of the finished hat to use on the website. Just let me know and i'll stick them in the mail.

On a separate note, i wanted to thank all of the wonderful women that arrived at the shop this past Saturday to help with our YouTube Video Reviews. They got to be "employees for the day" and earn 20% off all of their purchases, in addition to reviewing some of their favorite products on film. I think we got 40-50 reviews done and doug is in the process of editing and putting them up right now. Stay tuned! And thanks again so much to all of the women that helped - we had a lot of fun!

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  1. Paying 18.00 to work with the Soft Linen sounds exactly like something I would do! It's looking beoooutiful!!! J

  2. I agree...I think this is looking awesome. Plus, that scarf looks fantastic on Buddy. Really nice work there.

  3. I can't find my Knitting in Style Dec 2008 issue.. can you send me the pattern.( I can't afford the $$ to buy from Jimmy Beans.. altho I love the place.. I have tons of stash...susan