CNN Video - Here's the link

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Jimmy Beans Wool on CNN


  1. great video...wish i lived closer to visit your shop! I must say, your website is my favorite, and now that gas is out of control, and my closest LYS is 60 miles away (i know, tragic!) i will be visiting more often, i am sure!
    Love the dogs, btw!

  2. Interesting video! (On my computer, it took quite a while to load, perhaps because I'd just booted the machine, so I'd recommend patience.) I've been an online JB customer for several years, but now I know why I've started purchasing from you more often.:-) I really like the LL Ltd Ed offerings, for example.

  3. I really liked the video. It makes you real people. I too wish I lived closer. Keep up the good work.

  4. To be honest, CNN videos are not interesting to me, I myself am a fan of filming my errands with friends. Movavi helps me with this. We just run and play different games and post video material on the Internet.