I want to knit!!

Naturally I want to knit, EVERYTHING!! Oh my goodness, what am I going to do? Well, knit of course and think about knitting, lust after knitting, dream about knitting; well you get the idea. I read Laura's blog about starting a new project before the current one is finished; you mean there is another way to go? I can't believe that some of you actually finish your projects, who would have ever guessed? Certainly not me (miss at least 15 projects in various stages), as I can't just knit one thing and if it doesn't capture me right away, well, I cast on something new. I do eventually finish some of my projects and so does Sandy. Here is her amazing Icarus Shawl that she knit for her mother. I can't get over how lovely it turned out and of course I already told you I have it cast on in some yarn from my stash; hmmm, it is one of the 15 projects I mentioned above. She also gave Doris, one of our new Lantern Moon kitty shawl pins to go with it!

Of course my crazy passion is socks and I did it again (the Mini Mochi is going to make me go broke!) and am now working on some Entrelac socks.

I have included the link to our 'Month 2' scarf that is a great way to start to learn the technique. The Mini Mochi would be amazing in this scarf and I would recommend a US 5-6 needle with this yarn. You will get a more narrow scarf, or you can just cast on a couple of more repeats (this pattern is an 8 st repeat) and this will add some width.

Phew, that's it for now! I better calm down or I will do something drastic, like cast something else on; heaven forbid!!

Happy Knitting! Jeanne :D

PS Sandy and I do dance around here as much as possible! We sing too just to spice things up; I'm a little tea pot! Have fun! Life is just too short! Hee, hee!

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