My 1st finished project of the year (well, almost)!

Only 1 tie left to go...and then it's ready to wrap and ship (the tie will go where the little white marker is - right above the other ties). Thanks to everyone that helped me pick out this project for Allison's impending arrival - and thanks for voting and convincing me to knit this sweater instead of the poncho!!

I included both photos so you could get an idea of colors. The pic on the left was taken without a flash, but shows off the green i-cords and embroidered flowers a bit better. The photo on the right/below shows off the true colors of the yarn a bit better (the colors aren't quite as dull as they look on the left). Anyway, the embroidery part was fun.... i made 4 flowers on the front and 3 on the back - all spaced evenly (i even used a tape measure!). I took the lazy daisy flower idea from Louisa Harding's book Natural Knits (which i love, by the way - i just started a hat from the book using my leftovers last night), but did have a bit of trouble figuring out the technique. I'm assuming it's me, though... not her.

Anyway, the little hat i'm making has a picot edge and is just too cute! Thank goodness for Jeanne's Picot Cast On Video, though. I don't know if i could have figured it out otherwise. And then, if i'm not worn out, i'm going to put those same green flowers at the bottom of the hat - just like she shows in the book. I hope allison likes it!

Now i just have to finish her wedding gift... :

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