Knitting is my sanity, or insanity??

I have been working on being in the moment as I go through my day and the same goes for my knitting. While I love to get those needles clicking fast I have also been taking the time to watch as I create each stitch that is critical to the next stitch. Each stitch is only able to stand up as long as it has it partner stitch and so on. Okay now I know this sounds very philosophical, but for me knitting is exactly that. It is my sanity, or insanity as the case may be. I started knitting because I couldn't paint (yes that's right I am also a watercolor painter) due to the illnesses of my father and my mother. Well in stepped knitting to keep my fingers and my mind calm, as I knit each stitch the soothing feel of the yarn gently working through my fingers gave me a sense of well being during some difficult times.

Well I still haven't picked my paint brushes up and it has been quite sometime now, but the needles keep on clicking. I think I have found my real passion and while at times it can be frustrating to learn a new technique, or figure out a pattern, if I wasn't knitting a bit everyday I would go INSANE!

So now that I have gone off the deep end and got onto my slllloooowwww down (I go way too fast on a daily basis) soap box, because that's really what I am trying to say I will move along to more relevant topics.

I wanted to show you the bread clips technique which I did a quick blog about the other day and thanks Julie for sharing you little trick with me. How cool is this to use those pesky bread clips for holding the tails on your work, or even as bobbins for smallish yarns. I just gave the word at my house to SAVE the bread clips in this cup please!

I have also been working on a quick scarf that uses larger needles and beautiful yarn (well of course, gee whiz!!). When we got the new Lana Grossa Soja sock yarn in I was completely in love and had to knit something up immediately! Sandy and I debated about how I could get my fix and not start a long term sock project, hence the scarf! To add a little heft to the project I am using Rowan's Kidsilk Haze yarn to bulk up the project and still allow the color of the sock yarn to shine. The soft fluffy feel of these two yarns is so nice and comforting. Isn't that exactly what we look for (comfort) in our knitting?

I hope you are getting a little knitting comfort in always Happy Knitting!


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  1. I went through my cupboard and substituted these plastic bread clips with twist ties so I could use the clips with what I am knitting. Am working on Fair Isle socks and the ends were just hanging out the cuff till I tamed them with the clips. Thank you so much for this tip. Now that I am organized with my yarn tails - if I can just finish this sock and stay motivated to complete the second one :-) Thank you so much for this tip - it really works very well.

  2. Wow who would have guessed that a little plastic bit would be so useful to knitters? I am glad that it works for you and stay tuned for more...Happy Knitting! Jeanne