New stuff

Boy, are we getting some cool new stuff in the store!

To start with none of us can stop petting, squishing and fondling the new Hand Maiden Casbah. Before I touched it I thought Malabrigo worsted and Misti Alpaca Chunky were the two softest yarns on the planet. Casbah beats them hands down. And the colors...! Intense but not over done. Oddly enough the colors I love best in the Hand Maiden Sea Silk are not the ones I love most in the Casbah. For the sea silk with it's gorgeous sheen I love the pewter, ebony, smoke and salt spray. Basically the earthy tones. But in the Casbah I am so attracted to the Ruby and Ocean, both are fairly pure jewel tones. If money were no object I would make a full length robe and afghan out of this stuff so I cuddle up in it all the time... it's that soft and luscious! To walk around in socks made of it would be like walking in clouds.

Good news for afghan fans. So many of you have been asking for them that we now have some Boye afghan/tunisian crochet hooks in stock.
There are also a bunch of new Rosewood Crochet, Double pointed needles, and other notions by Pony. Check out our new products pages.

The Addi Click sets are finally here! And we can help you out with parts for the set you already have too. We can even get the #5 tips that were not in the original sets as well as extra cables.

I can't wait to see what we will be getting next week. It's always something new and exciting.

Hope you all are on track with your holiday knitting and loving every minute of it!


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