Crochet, crochet and more crochet!!!

I am in a knitting rut and I am going to make a break for it...crochet is the word of the day, week and month for me!!

I can crochet (really) and apparently (according to Sandy) I am even better at than I think I am, so I am going to get my hooks out and get them moving! The question is where to start?

As some of you know I have been knitting hearts like crazy and found a darling crocheted heart ornament on Ravelry that I think will be a good crochet refresher for me.

One of my favorite crochet techniques is Tunisian Crochet and I LOVE the Denise Interchangeable Crochet set for this fabulous crochet style!!! Because the hooks can be made as long as is needed, a very wide piece is possible and I like that idea! I would love to work up a throw out of the Cascade Eco Wool maybe in long panels that are crocheted together.

I also have the book Loop d' Loop and the yarn to work up the cover piece and I guess it's time to take another look at this one!

I recently ran across my Salem in Berroco Naturlin and I have all the yarn to finish it up, so what am I waiting for? The pattern is from the Berroco book #273 and there are lots of great substitutes for this yarn, as it is discontinued as far as I know.

I would love to hear about your crochet projects and if you have any tips for me, or favorite projects let me know!!

As always happy crocheting and knitting!


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  1. You just may inspire me to do some more crochet! Cool hairstyle also. I bookmarked the video and was happy to see other helpful videos on JBW.

  2. Thanks!! I like the hair style too and I am so glad that you like our videos. Let us know if you would like us to record something specific for you and thanks for reading! Jeanne