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Before we get to the juicy new products (and boy, are there some goooood ones!), let us ruminate on what you would like me to be writing about in a couple months :) If you receive our email newsletter you probably remember that we took an online survey earlier this month to learn more about your preferences and what you would like to see at Jimmy Beans Wool in the future. Thank you so much to all who participated! Not only did we learn that a large number of you are dog people and your popular guilty pleasures include chocolate and perusing the Jimmy Beans website during lunch breaks (I'm guilty of both -go figure), we discovered that an overwhelming majority of you dream of Dream In Color! Well, we do too! The next decision to be made is which Dream In Color yarns we should carry. To put in your two cents, please take the poll in the top right-hand corner of the blog and help us choose! You can pick more than one, so let us know any and all of your preferences. Voting begins now and goes through Sunday, the 20th at 5pm Pacific time. Not familiar with Dream In Color yarns? Check out their website at www.DreamInColorYarn.com! I have yet to knit with their scrumptious fibers, but I have had the pleasure of stroking a hank of Smooshy, their deliciously soft sock yarn, while admiring the spectacular veil-dyed colorways at my other LYS in Boise, Idaho!

Now, onto those new yarns you can check out while waiting for important yarn decisions to be made. This past week was overwhelming and exciting all at the same time. We received boxes of new Debbie Bliss yarns (Angel, Bella and Prima) along with the sumptuous Silky Flamme from Elsebeth Lavold... and those are just some highlights! Needless to say I had a Happy Yarn Grin plastered on my face for the entire week :)

Angel Pattern Book
A total of three yarns have been added to the Debbie Bliss line for this spring and summer. While they are all ideal for knitting or crocheting during those carefree, sunkissed months ahead, Angel has to be one of my favorites. Similar to the ever-popular Rowan Kidsilk Haze, Angel is a feathery blend of super kid mohair and silk. When double stranded with another yarn, Angel adds an exquisite ethereal glow to any fabric -perfect for cool weather sweaters and accessories.
Kristen's Annabella's Cowl
Now that it has arrived, I'm thinking of pairing Angel with Tosh DK for the Annabella's Cowl from Churchmouse Patterns. I've been dying to jump on the Annabella's Cowl bandwagon for some time, and Angel just might have sealed the deal! Of course you can also use this delicate fiber alone to produce a translucent, weightless fabric ideal for lacy, open knits or sheer pullovers and wraps.
11 Purple

Love the breezy feel of cotton? Try Bella! A DK weight cotton blend, Bella has just a touch of shimmery silk that really adds some pop to stitch patterns and lacy details. The simple color palette features essential solids in summertime shades for those comfy tanks and short sleeved cardis.
34 Sea Green
Similar to Bella, Prima features flawless drape that will compliment the loose-fitting fashion trends this spring and summer. Also a DK weight, Prima is a gorgeous blend of bamboo and silk that gives this soft fiber a luminous shine. If you're excited but drawing a blank on projects for these fabulous yarns, don't worry! Stylish pattern support for both Prima and Angel can be found in Beach Bells and Angel respectively. Or consider using Bella or Prima for the Victoria Cardigan that Jeanne loves from Dolce Handknits, or the Breezes vest from Ilga Leja!

20 Lavender
While we're on the subject of silky soft yarn that shines, let's not forget Elsebeth Lavold Silky Flamme! You may want to avoid it during the summer, but this luxurious Peruvian wool, alpaca and silk blend is a treat for your fingers and works up nicely into a cozy fabric. The uneven plys of this yarn give it a unique texture without creating overly thick or thin places in your fabric or getting in the way of cables and stitch patterns. Silky Flamme's rich solid colors are given extra depth by its satiny sheen making it perfect for cowls, sweaters, hats and more!

I could keep writing forever it seems, there is so much more to talk about (like Knitbot patterns from the ingeniously creative designer Hannag Fettig), but it'll just have to wait until next week!

Don't forget to make your dreams of Dream In Color come true and take our poll!

Happy crocheting and knitting!
Leanne :)

The clock is ticking! Remember that you can turn your fiber arts hobby into some cash for college! Any student who can knit or crochet and will be attending an accredited institution Fall 2011 is eligible for the Beans For Brains Scholarship! This award is made possible by Jimmy Beans Wool as well as many other contributor from the fiber arts industry. Submissions are due no later than April 1st, after which finalists will be chosen for five $3,000 scholarships based on merit. To learn more and apply visit the Beans For Brains Scholarship page. If you know any hardworking knitters and crocheters with dreams of going to college, be sure to share the Beans For Brains Scholarship with them via Ravelry or by posting a flyer at your LYS (flyers are available at the Beans For Brains Scholarship page)! Help us help the next generation of fiber artists achieve their goals of higher education!

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  1. What about Dream in Color Everlasting DK? The colors look amazing from the pics I've seen, so I'd really like to try it! Since it's not in the poll does that mean you aren't even considering carrying it?

  2. We are not considering Everlasting DK at this time, though it could very well be on our list in the future! We'll definitely keep it in mind!

    CJ - the poll is located in the top right hand corner of this page, right above the Wool Watcher puppy and list of Tweets :) If you're having problems getting it to load, try refreshing the page, that seemed to work for me!

  3. Spotify's music chick fil a breakfast hours recommendations are always on point.