It's a naming contest!

I have said many, many times how grateful I am for Jimmy Beans Wool. There are just too many reasons why words could never truly express this gratitude but I did want to take the time to thank Jimmy (aka Laura) for all her support of my designs (aka 2 Askew Designs) throughout the years. THANKS LAURA!!!

When I came to work here four years ago, I had no idea that I would receive so much more than just a form of employment. I have learned, grown, laughed, cried, and gained the most amazing home and family. Even writing about it gives me goose bumps of joy!

It was only natural that when I wanted to start designing patterns, Laura graciously offered to help and, thus, 2 Askew Designs was born. The company began with two of us and our great pal Allison (the other Askew) started her own company, Knittinit. However, things have now come to a place where it's about time to choose a new name for my designs. Of course, who should be willing to help but Laura? It has been decided that we are going to throw the question of what my new designer name should be out to all of you out there in cyberspace!

So, with that said, I will put a disclaimer here. While I work here at Jimmy Beans Wool, my patterns are my own and JBW is one of my retailers. JBW is not responsible for my company in anyway shape or form and this contest is mine and mine alone.

I need your ideas and you can win one of my patterns for that idea! If your idea is the winner, then I will put $25.00 into your JBW account to spend how you wish!!

I am looking for a name that sounds like me! So, of course, this won't be easy! Ha-Ha! Post your ideas as many or as often as you would like. We will then create a poll for next week's blog that lists the top 3-5 (or more if needed) ideas for all of our readers to vote on. If your idea makes it onto the poll, you can choose any one of my patterns as your prize. Then, the winner of the poll will win the $25.00. It's that simple!

To help you out, here are some details about myself that might stimulate your noggin' for ideas:

1. I am a native Nevadan (a rare thing here in Nevada).
2. I LOVE, LOVE fiber arts (did you know that?) :-)
3. I also LOVE, LOVE my Harley Road King (I call her a Road Queen and her name is Pandora).
4. People have told me I am perky, quirky, silly, and just plain nuts.
5. Art is my life and soul in any form.
6. I am passionate about being in the moment (although, I am always working on that one).
7. I think the Sierra Nevada's are one of the most beautiful places in the world (which is saying a lot since I have traveled to some really beautiful places, including China).
8. I love to work in my garden!
9. Learning is #1 in my life.
10. Green is my favorite color.

So, have fun and good luck! Remember, Laura is just loaning me this fantastic venue to help out and this is ALL me and me alone! The prizes are from 2 Askew Designs, not JBW. If you have any questions that might help you to come up with the winning idea, please ask away! There are no stupid questions so please don't hesitate to contact me!

Thanks again, Laura, for all of your support and all of you readers out there for being so amazing!

As always, happy knitting and crocheting!


P.S. Good luck!

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  1. I really like the name "Pandora" and think it fits well with fiber, so maybe Pandora Fiber Arts, or something along those lines.

  2. How would Pandora's Picasso strike you?

  3. Speaking of Nevada... Battle Born Stitches? Battle Born Knits?

  4. Pandora's Fiber Garden... Ooh with little sweaters, socks and hats growing on stalks!
    Sorry, I've gone insane with these comments

  5. KnevKnits (NVKnits, NevKnits)
    Cirque (like the glacial lake and it sounds a bit like circular needles)


  6. My ideas:

    Sierra High Country Meadow Designs
    Sierra Mountain Pride Designs

    The mountain pride is a native flower of the Sierra Nevadas. You could use the flower as part of your logo.

  7. How about Sierra Fiber Gardens?

    Or maybe Queen Pandora's Quest.

    Must say that i like Sierra Mountain Pride or anything with Pandora in it.

  8. some suggestions on your new designer name:
    Pandora's Passion
    Pandora's Twist

    good luck!

  9. I like knotty nevadan knitter. Because she is one.

  10. Divartista Designs
    A combination of Diva (a celebrated person of outstanding talent) and Artista (Spanish for artist)

    OR PassioKnit Designs
    (passion + knit)

  11. how about "Pandora's High-flying Desert Designs"? Sounds a bit crazy, but lots of fun. Good luck on name picking!

  12. Okay gang keep 'em coming you are doing great!!! We are going to choose soon and get the poll up by Thursday due to travel plans that I have, so come on you are doing GREAT!!! Thanks for the enthusiasm Jeanne

  13. How about Morning, Noon and Knit?

  14. I won't say which are my fav's yet, but you all really are brilliant! They are all amazing!

  15. Our regular customer Michele had trouble trying to post these great here you go Michele!! Thanks!

    "I couldn't see a link on the blog page so I figured this was the best way to give my ideas. This is Michele P. by the way. I like Doodle Designs (my fave), Happy Hog Knits, jean the bean designs, and Pandora's Dust Designs..... Just a few I may have more haha"

  16. I love happy hog knits and Jean the Bean! Adorable! Knitting Enigma?

  17. When I lived in London I bought all my yarn from the haberdashery inside a dept store. Someone who sold all the little sewing and hat making supplies was called a haberdasher.
    So I'd say: Nevadasher.

  18. Plain Nuts Knits?
    Nevada Road Fiber?
    Knit In The Moment?
    lol, I hope I'm not too late...

  19. DivaNeva or NevaDiva?

  20. Hi all I am so impressed with all your suggestions and you will want to take a look to the right of the top of the blog to see the poll. The top 5 are posted there and I hope you will vote! If your suggestion made it on the list be sure to call with your pattern choice and shipping information.

    I appreciate all of your help and I am looking forward to launching my new name soon!


  21. Shades of Sage -- I love the several meanings of sage: Nevada foliage, the color green, and someone wise or knowledgeable.