Behind the scenes at Jimmy Beans Wool...

Thank you everyone for voting on the LLE July Colorway Poll! Check back in July to see who won!

I thought you might be interested in some behind the scenes pics of one of our filming here you go all of the JBW stars!!

Lights, camera action!

We are gearing up for our busy time of year and have been filming reviews once a week during our slow time to try to get ahead of the game! Here you can see Amber filming Leanne who is reviewing her favorite 'rufflelicious' Tundra yarn!

Amber is the videographer and Kristen is in the back round and that blur, is Jimmy aka Laura, running through on some errand or other!

Leanne is being her regular star self!! 

So here is some sort of discussion that Laura (in the doorway) is in on as she stopped long enough on her blur run, ha ha!

Laura is always on the move and yet has time to stop and give us encouragement all the time!! Thanks Laura...okay everyone back to work!

Piet is one of our newest little beans and I am working on getting her to do reviews for you, as she is so quick witted and funny too! You may have seen Ailene in a video or two and these two are sisters! Boy are we lucky to have them around the shop!!

Of course we need a snack while we are filming and our regular customer Betty dropped this off for us....yuuummmmyyy chocolate!!

Thanks Betty!!

Staging for some instruction...hmmm k1, p2?

Here you can see my staging for the instructional videos that we put up for you and if you ever have something you want me/us to tape for you please let me know and I will get it on the list!!

We are currently in the process of getting our fabulous crocheting little beans in the spot light and I am so excited to give that beautiful art it's due!

Leanne is hugging her newest favorite yarn, Tundra and we have had the best response to this lovely ruffle style yarn; boy what's not to love either?

The colors are phenomenal and create the most amazing ruffles. Leanne just recorded a video on how to crochet with Tundra, so stay tuned, as I am sure that will be up real soon!

So for now that's a wrap, but stay tuned for more of our JBW stars coming your way soon!

As always happy knitting and crocheting!


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PPS for those of you who have been following the remodel drama you can see an update here on my Battle Born Knits blog...I am so over this whole thing that I couldn't bring myself to talk about it in 2 different places, sigh!

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