Happy Sweet 16 Sandy!!

Happy Birthday! Note the tiara...what a diva!
Happy birthday to our wonderful Sandy!!! If you have received our most recent catalog, you might have read some of Sandy's great knitting tips and learned what a treasure she is to us here at JBW! June 16th was her birthday so we had a great party on Friday to celebrate! The reason I say "Sweet 16" is somehow the numbers on everyone's ages around here got turned around and, well, you can figure that one out! Ha-ha! I am now 35 and Sandy has to listen to me...I am the oldest :)

Note the shy boy behind the flame hat...save me Grammy!

 Sandy had on the most lovely party dress and all of the other little beans got 'doodled' up in their finest for the event. Sandy's wonderful daughter, Melissa, and her lovely children, Mateo and Maya, were there too, along with Doris (Sandy's mom) and her husband Bill!

Bill Doris and Melissa along with Amber and her poodleskirt! 
Note Sandy's pink socks to match her outfit!

Sandy and I had gone out and
gotten our party shoes quite
sometime ago...
what do you think?
shoes -
so much fun!!

Happy, happy birthday Sandy from all of the Beans.We love you!!!

As always, happy knitting and crocheting!


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