JBW Pet-fest, part two!!

And we are back with some more of our furry friends!! This week we are featuring the pet of Jeanne, Allison and Amber! 


This lovely pooch lives with Jeanne! Sierra is 9 years old and likes to give Tasha (see below) a razz every once in a while.  One day Sierra decided to start throwing her chew toy for  herself and this went on and one until she plowed into the kitchen  cupboard.


And this fur ball is Tasha, who is 12 years old. She does everything she can to say out of Sierra's way!! Tasha loves to roll over and have her belly rubbed (who  doesn't) and she can get into it so much that she falls off the edge of whatever she is laying on at the time. The truly funny part is she comes back immediately for more!

This little Wire Fox Terrier is named Mitch and lives with Allison. He just turned 10 this year!! Allison tells us he can do several circus dog tricks, such as Roll Over, Beg, Hop-Hop-Hop on his hind legs, Bark on Command, Spin Around on his hind legs. She taught him all these tricks after they found him in the kitchen sink one day.  They decided he needed a job to keep him busy and out of trouble!

Amber, Ruckus and Kietzke
Here are 2 of my favorite puppies, Rukus (staffy bull terrier) and Kietzke (long hair chi chi)! Rucky is 11 and Kietzke is 2 years old and they live with Amber.

Rukus doesn't really do tricks, he is too smart for them and doesn't feel the need to show off.  Kietzke recently learned what her dad likes to call "Kietzke fishing" which is when dad puts his finger out like a hook and she jumps up to get it.  He also taught her "snapping ninja piranha attack" which is basically her dive bombing and biting you.

Amber's story about how Kietzke came into her life is a bit unusual. Amber accidentally ran her over on, yes, Kietzke Lane(one of the main drags here in Reno), took her to the doctor, they sent her to the pound and after a week. No one claimed her so Amber and Rukus decided to adopted her.  They are now inseparable!!

Thanks again for letting us share our furry family with you! Do you have any funny stories about your furry family members?

Thanks and happy petting!

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