And now for something completely silly...

We have an awful lot of fun around here while tending to all your fiber needs, and I thought I would do a quick picture post so you can really see us as we truly are, the professional fiber gurus you have come to know. Here are some pictures from our Halloween party. You'll also find a few from Sandy's and my admission into Fairy Godmother status by Bethany, who is expecting her first little bundle of joy in March. You should note that Sandy is the head Godmother and I am in training, as Sandy has 2 wonderful grandchildren and I am a granny in waiting (no rush, I might add. LOL).

Not the plague just black icing...ewwww!

As you can see, Amber and Amanda were having a great time!! I think is was Amber who got these fantastic cupcakes that made everyone's tongues black!!

Sandy makes quite the Fairy Godmother

It's Super Piet!!!

As you can see, Piet is truly a superhero and Sandy is quite the little Fairy Godmother! The wings are actually a recent addition and not from Halloween, but from our very own Bethany who has dubbed Sandy and I her Fairy Godmothers. How cool is that?

Fairy 1 and Fairy 2 (aka apprentice Fairy)

I am an apprentice Godmother, but will earn bigger wings some day! Sandy is a good Fairy trainer, but I may be a bit of a difficult apprentice...LOL!

Lianna is the cutest little Devil!

Lianna is one of our new little beans and is adorable as a Devil! She was a great sport and even painted her nails the greatest Devilish red!!!

Here's Raggedy Ann, aka Sasha!!
Sasha is a big kid at heart and we love it!

Sasha is another new little bean and was once is still a regular customer. She is an amazing Halloween nut and has costumes galore as you can see here...great work Sasha!

Bethany what's that under your shirt?

As you can see, Bethany is pregnant. However, this was just a test with a jacket under her shirt. The little one is now just starting show itself! We are all super duper excited and Bethany is great about belly rubs!

Please note that I have included Piet at the end here in her superhero mode because that is just what she is around here!!!

Thanks to all the little beans for all that you do every day to make this such a great place to be!!!

As always, happy knitting and crocheting (sewing too)!!!


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