Springtime Bandit KAL check-in! Progress, finally!

Almost ready for the edge section!
Howdy folks! I am knitting along like a fiend! How’s everyone else’s progress? I admittedly had a bit of a hiccup last week with my shawl. In my absentmindedness (aka. watching “Scrubs” re-runs and laughing too hard), I accidentally forgot the middle stitch yarn-overs in rows 1 and 3 and finished a whole body section without noticing! Imagine the extent of my lamentation when I had to rip back 10 rows. :( I spent most of the drive to San Mateo for the Interweave Knitting Lab ripping out those rows stitch by stitch. How’s that for a lesson in patience?
Close up!
Finally by Friday evening I was back on track and have now almost finished my 6th section of the body repeats. I should finish that last section tonight and begin on the edge chart section tomorrow. I’d really love to finish the shawl over the weekend so that I can block it and post pics for you all next week.
In case you were wondering or confused, the pattern only calls for 4 body section repeats, I am making my shawl a bit larger and have decided to do 6. I bought 2 extra skeins of the Fibre Company Terra (in the Mint colorway) just to be safe. I am pretty tall and I wanted a larger size that was more shawl-like. After looking at the Ravelry page for the Bandit, I saw that many folks had successfully added extra sections for a larger shawl and decided that I would do the same!
RAELNE's Bandit
In the meantime, one of our very speedy participants already finished and blocked her Springtime Bandit! RAELNE from the Ravelry group knit her bandit in Malabrigo Worsted Merino in the Tuareg color. (Raveled here). Isn’t it lovely?

Also, another of our little beans, Sharon, is knitting a gorgeous Springtime Bandit in Malabrigo Twist. This is actually her 2nd Bandit. She knit one earlier this spring in Berroco Remix. Here she is modeling that version. Isn't it gorgeous! I'm so glad she decided to join in on the KAL!
Sharon's Remix Bandit
Lastly, I had the chance at the Knitting Lab to meet the awesome ladies from Kellbourne Woolens/ The Fibre Co.- Kate Gagnon Osborn and Courtney Kelley! They were so nice to stop by our booth after they had been teaching classes literally ALL DAY and must have been so exhausted. Thank you ladies for stopping by, I was so nice to meet you! :)
Courtney mentioned that she is participating in the KAL too. She’s knitting her Bandit in a new Terra colorway called “Belladonna.” I can’t wait to see it. I only wish I had remembered to get a photo of us to post here. I was pretty tired by that point too. Oh well. :) Don’t forget to check out the Ravelry thread for the KAL and to see others’ progress!
I hope you all are well and I’ll see you next week! I can’t wait to see more FO’s!
Happy knitting,

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