Always grab your knitting...

I have been with my family since March 1st as my son Chris was in the hospital (I just came back to work on the 14th). Now I know you just gasped, but rest assured that he is healing well and all is really good now! I can't thank my JBW family enough for all they have done for me, Chris and my family! They all pulled together, covered my shifts for me and encouraged me to stay with Chris and be a Mom. So that's what I did.

Now, with that covered, let's move on to the title of the blog and why I grabbed my knitting when I got the call to come to be with Chris. I have to say it was instinctual, like I never leave home without it!

I am currently working on a Knitting Pure and Simple pattern 123, so I have had lots of stockinette to keep my hands occupied and sooth my mind. Elizabeth Zimmerman said it best when she said, "knitting through all crises" and boy, I have to agree.

I love this pattern with its options and, of course, its simplicity! I have added a bit of lace down one side to add extra interest and am working on the sleeved version. The pattern includes a cap sleeve version and if I had done that one I would be done by now, but I like sleeves. I will still be done with the sweater sooner than later and love Diane's patterns for the break it gives me from more complicated projects I tend to get myself into.  Oh yeah, the pattern also includes options for one button or multiple buttons. I am doing the one button version and since it's top down I have tried it on several times to make sure it fits like I want it to.

The yarn is Malabrigo Sock yarn in Turner. I am making the 38" size which only requires 3 hanks and I am pretty sure that I will have enough left to make something small, maybe mitts? Now, don't panic because this uses sock yarn the needles are 5 and 3 (US). Really, it's been easy to work up. Of course you know I LOVE the yarn, so I am in heaven.
My camera is a bit fuzzy, but this is the lace...

I encourage you to knit top down if you haven't. If you have, I am sure you know why I love it so much...NO seams and minimal finishing!! I have decided not to put an actual button hole, or button on mine and am going to use my collection of pins, as well as my shawl pins to close the sweater. I will be able to change this look based on my mood...what fun, right?

Now that things have settled down a bit, I have also been lucky enough to have 2 very special hanks of yarn in my possession that are now becoming the Sun Catcher Shawl, which is a KAL (knit along) hosted by the designer Iris Schreier!! She is also well known for her luxury yarns from her company Artyarns! Yipppeee!!

Iris sent me 1 hank each of her super yummy Ensemble Light and the Beaded Silk and Sequins for another project we were going to work on together, but this yarn just cried out to become this lovely shawl. So, off we went in a new direction. I just love knitters!! We will be carrying the Ensemble Light at the shop soon and it will be here in time to join the Ravelry KAL, or you can use a different Artyarns and jump on board now with no waiting!

I am going to use the Beaded Silk and Sequins in the last repeat and on the edging. I have to tell you that the Ensemble Light is one of the most amazing yarns I have worked with. It is a 50/50 blend of silk and cashmere which sit side by side. Iris says that she loves the effect that this technique creates in a finished project. I HAVE to agree! Yum, yum, yum!

The drape and feel are phenomenal and it's like knitting with well butter (if you could do that:). I want to make a shrug out of it next and will probably add some of her beaded/sequined yarn in for a bit of bling here and there too.

At any rate, never forget your knitting and as always...

Happy knitting, crocheting and sewing!


PS. And now to announce the winner of last Friday's giveaway for a copy of Dora Ohrenstein's: Custom Crocheted Sweaters!  Drumroll please....and the winner is (thanks to is commenter #5- Zelababy who said:

"I would really like to try the Shawl Collared Tunic. You can really see from the picture the shaping at the waist, something I've never been able to accomplish with crochet. This book sounds perfect."

Thanks so much to everyone who commented!  Zelababy, please e-mail to claim your book and she'll ship it to you right away!!

PPS. Did you know that Heart Disease is the number 1 killer of women? Check out Stitch Red campaign and one stitch at a time we can defeat this silent killer!

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  1. Loving the shawl, so beautiful!!

  2. I really like the way you added interest to the sweater with the lace pattern on the side. Did you just do a k2 tog with a yo? I had never thought to do that but I will think of it from now on!

  3. Larsan...the pattern alternates as follows:

    Row 1: Yo, k2tog
    Row 2: purl
    Row 3: k2tog, Yo
    Row 4: purl

    it's a really easy way to go and thanks for the kudos!! Happy knitting!