Show Your Pride...Knitter's Pride that is!

Dreamz Straight Needle Set
So earlier this week, I received an e-mail from the nice folks over at the Knitter's Pride and they are hosting a super video fun contest over the next few months to encourage us to share our pride for our Knitter's Pride needles! It sounded so cool that we HAD to share it with you!
Dreamz Interchangeable
Deluxe Set

I am a HUGE Knitter's Pride needle fan so of course I am probably going to enter! I can't pass up a beautiful shawl pin! I actually have an older set of Knit Picks Harmony Wood interchangeable needles that are probably five years old. For those of you who don't know, Knitter's Pride has been making those Knit Picks needles for years so even though these needles are new to the market, they have lots of experience making awesome quality knitting products! As I said, I really LOVE my Harmony Wood needles and I was so thrilled to see that Knitter's Pride needles and cables are all compatible with my older set! Not only that, but Knitter's Pride also makes the shorter interchange tips that are compatible with 16" cables for making hats and smaller projects. I went a little crazy buying all of the sizes to fill out my set and have been happily knitting away ever since! Plus, the Dreamz are actually color coded so that each size is a different color making it easier to find in your needle case!

Nova Interchangeable
Deluxe Set
Dreamz Crochet Set
The contest itself is pretty sweet! To see full details, be sure to check out the details page on the Knitter's Pride Website. Basically, everyone who submits a video will receive a free Shawl Pin (awesome, we all love free stuff), and then you'll be entered into a drawing to win a full set of needles of your choice! That means you can choose from Knitter's Pride Dreamz, Cubics or Novas! The Cubics are their square shaped needles and the Nova's are nickel plated--plenty of different options to choose from!

Oh yeah, and did I mention that each month has a theme? Yup! Here is the breakdown of each month of the contest:

July- Anything goes! Tell us why you love Knitter's Pride.
Cubics Interchangeable
Deluxe Set
August- Most interesting filming location.
September- Best animal guest appearance.
October- Best use of costume or props.

I love that these guys have a sense of humor and with a theme each month, that gives you four opportunities to win a set of needles!

Thanks Knitter's Pride for making such a great product and for the awesome opportunity! I hope some of you will consider entering!

I hope you all have a super fun and crafty weekend!

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