Fantabulous Ruffles Galore!

Leanne, our resident ruffle maven would appreciate that post title and I must admit I thought of her when I wrote it. You may have noticed that ruffle yarns are all the rage and don't seem to be disappearing or waning in popularity anytime soon. And why would they? Even the newest knitter can create fun and easy scarfs with these yarns and make one for everyone they know! It's the perfect gift for the knitter on a budget too.

We've had so many questions from customers about how to knit with these yarns, that we had our resident instructor Terry put together this video to help you learn to knit with these amazing ruffles. We hope you find it helpful!

We hope you enjoyed learning the mystery behind ruffles and of course if you are ever stuck on a project, you can always call the helpful gals in customer service to get you through it--ruffles or no ruffles! We are here for you. :)

Hope you all have a lovely day, and happy ruffle knitting!


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ruffle yarn

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