Knit Red A-Line Hoodie KAL- Post #2

So we're off and running on our first official Knit Red Knit-A-Long! (It's not too late to join us!)

I'll be blogging about the KAL each week right here on the JBW blog and the Stitch Red blog as well as having on-going discussions, camaraderie, and support in threads on both Ravelry groups, Jimmy Beans Wool and Stitch Red.

From August 6th to September 17th  we're working on The A-line Hoodie pattern by Diane Soucy and it can be found on page 22 of Knit Red by Laura Zander. The pattern calls for Debbie Macomber's Blossom Street Collection, Cashmere Fleur de Lys in color #416.  But you may use any yarn you like that you can get gauge with and it doesn't have to be red!

As I mentioned last week I'm making mine with Berroco Vintage in #5150 Berries.  I'm nearly to the end of my first hank and to the second buttonhole so far.  I've been knitting quite a bit lately with fingering weight yarn and so this project just seems to be flying along in worsted weight.

Making some progress!

And as promised, Diane Soucy and I have started filming some videos to help you make top down sweaters!  We're very excited be able to do this for you and these videos will be available to view anytime on our website, YouTube and in the future you'll also be able to link to them from Diane's website Knitting Pure and Simple.

Here are the first three with more to come in the coming weeks!

First, Diane and I show you how to How to Decide What Size Sweater to Make:

Then we talk about how important swatching and gauge is to getting the results you want. How to Measure Your Gauge Correctly:

Now that you know what size to make and have gotten gauge we show you how to cast on for a raglan top down sweater and explain what all those stitch markers are for, where they go, the parts of the sweater, increases used and finally how to cast on at the beginning and end of rows to work a seed stitch button band. How to Cast on for a Top Down Sweater:

And because this is a Knit Red KAL in support of heart health chime in with your heart healthy tips here in the comments or in our Ravelry groups.  I will be reading all of them!

So there you go!  Now you're all set to cast on!

And remember, I am here to help you each step of the way.  You can post your comments and questions in the Ravelry groups, Jimmy Beans Wool and Stitch Red. or email me at: askTerry (at)

Happy Knitting!


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  1. These instructional videos are so well done and informative! Kudos to Terry and Diane-and the video person. I am not a fan of hoodies and won't be joining the KAL, but will be watching these faithfully. Thanks!

  2. Thank you for your kind words. Diane and I enjoyed making them and truly hope that they help many people.


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