Fall Celebration & Pumpkin Carving


Last week we celebrated the coming of fall with a little potluck celebration and pumpkin carving.  Laura and Doug provided the pumpkins and the beans all provided lots of creativity.  We all had a lot of fun, ate some yummy food and there were some excellent pumpkins carved!  I thought you all would enjoy seeing our big happy family having some fun.

It was a family affair which included significant others, kids and grandkids!


Our newest bean sprout Brandon
Cheryl's Grand kids

Nick, Kristen's hubby and Amanda dig in!
Kristen and Bethany's hubby George.

Rachel & Chris
Nicole & CJ
Autumn & Andre
Brooke, Sam, Beth, Jenn, Jenny, Cheryl, Jeanne, & Doug

Bethany & Penne
Sandy, Shevawn, Kevan, Dave (my beau), & Brooke
Jeanne carved the most rockin pumpkin!
Autumn & Andre carved this great raven!

What else would Kristen carve but a ball of yarn & needles?
And of course Nicole & CJ carved Mickey!

George & Bethany carved this scary face...
Which got even scarier after sitting in Bethany's office for a few days!  Eeeewwwww!!!

Jenny, Cheryl, Doug, Jeanne, Laura, Kathy & Brandon, Geoff (Jeanne's hubby), Bethany, Ailene, Penne & Huck! 

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