More poems, and an early Mother's Day treat for you...

Hi everyone! 

Heather and I have been receiving so many wonderful poetry submissions for National Poetry Month, that we thought we would share some more of them with you this week! Here are a few more of our faves from the past week and a half:

By Sheri Chin
I have some yarn
So pretty and fine
It knits into socks
With a wonderful design.

Short rows for the heels,
Decreases for the toes,
She shall have warm feet,
Where ever she goes.

Haiku by Ann Stolzman

Color Affection
Is A Color Addiction
So Many To Choose!

Mike's Blanket by Rebecca Haller

Horrible accident. Left for dead.
Survived. But never the same.
Lenten gift. Hand knit comfort.
Cherished 3 months more.
Buried with honor at death.
Knitter transformed. 

Limerick by Elisabeth Kazup

There once was a woman from Michigan
who decided she would never fish again.
She started to knit and just couldn't quit
And made all the fishies Fisherman Knits!

Olivia Lee-Nuckols

I started a tiny circle,
Worked round into a whirl.
It grew and grew and grew into,
A flower for to wrap my baby girl.

By Anne Schneider

The click of the needles, the feel of the yarn
The vision of a new garment to be worn.
From eagerness at cast-on to accomplishment at end
A knitter's pleasure may be hard to comprehend.
Our creations are ours and the process so pleasing
Our love of the craft will never be ceasing.

First Project – by Anne Schneider

Can I do this?  Do I try?
This is madness gone awry!
I can knit and I can purl
But will this project knot and curl?
Pattern's hard and tension's tight
I'll be frogging this tonight.
Just relax and take a breath
This can't be any worse than death.
Almost done, Wow it's great
Many more projects to create!
I am hooked, I must admit
Knitting's for me, I'll never quit!!

Nan Dodge – Haiku

Sweater, salmon wool.
Seed stitch so perfectly zen.
Knit purl knit purl knit.

Aren't these wonderful?!?! I just love how much knitting inspires prose!

Lastly, I wanted to share with you a new exciting project we've been working on--Mother's Day Bouquets

This is Emma with the full bouquet, her mom Mindy works at JBW. :)

Over the last few months, we've been coordinating with hand dyers and designers to create a special collection inspired by spring....and mamas! There are seven beautiful exclusive colors in the bouquets that have been made into yarn "flowers" (using knitting needles as the stems) from Madelinetosh, Koigu, Lorna's Laces, Artyarns, TSCArtyarns, Malabrigo, and Fleece Artist. Each "flower" is placed into a classic glass vase to create a truly unique bouquet. Along with the yarn collection, we have a collection of seven 1-skein projects by designers such as Romi Hill, Iris Schreier, Suzy Allen, Maie Landra, and Lynette Meek. Here is a sneak peek at a few of the designs in the collection:

From back to front: Kristen wearing TSCArtyarns,
Heather wearing Madelinetosh, Rachel wearing Lorna's Laces,
Amanda wearing Artyarns, and Emma wearing Fleece Artist.

This entire collection of patterns is available with the purchase of at least one skein of the yarn from the collection in the special Mother's Day colorways. Choose your favorite skein or one of the Mini or Full Bouquets. Either way, these are sure to be a hit!

"Here mom, have a flower bouquet!"
We wish you all a great weekend and happy crafting!

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  1. I just went looking at these but it appears that they are not available yet. When will they be available for order?

  2. Yes, I would like to know, too, when these will be available.

  3. Such a nice post. Yeah, days to go and it's Mother's Day. So in advance, I'd like to express my early mothers day greetings to all wonderful mothers around the world. Of coure, my mom is the best. Happy Mothers day!

  4. hi, this one here is a nice poem, very figurative in idea translation. I remember my mom would ask her herself most of the times if she really loved my father or was fate just the consequence of her life. This poem reminds me a lot of her and the many sacrifices she made because of us.Mothers day poems to her.

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