Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue...

We love poetry here at Jimmy Beans
And it looks like you do, too!

In honor of National Poetry Month, we've been enjoying a little Poetry Jam/Slam/Contest here at Jimmy Beans!  Each week, we post a different theme to Facebook and let the submissions roll in. Then, at the end of the week, we pick our favorite to post.  Combined with some really fun prizes from Wisdom/Universal Yarns coming up at the end of the month (Poems for poems...isn't it poetic?  You can thank Bethany for that one!), it's shaping up to be my favorite month of the year so far!  As Sandy likes to say, "Nothing but fun here at the yarn barn..."

Here on the blog, I wanted to feature all of the wonderful poems that have been submitted so that everybody gets their moment in the sun.  Feel free to give a shout-out in the comments to your favorite - we'll be keeping track and handing out some great Poems yarn at the end of the month!

So, here we go!

My First Project
By Christy Hagan

The yarn would split, the stitch would stick
This wasn't the therapy I wished for
But two drinks later, a moment to savor
A finished flower for the front of my door

A New Knitter Born
By Diane M. Edgerly

My little Nana left to me
A book from the 5 & 10 cent store;
Showing how to crochet, and knit, and tat,
And I’m sure a whole lot more.

A new baby in the family
Should have a special gift you see;
But what could I give, or make, or knit?
I wish my Nana was still here with me!

With no one I knew of to teach me,
I bought needles, small buttons, and yarn;
With hopes of knitting a sweater,
For my cousin’s new child in her arms.

My Nana’s book showed how to cast on,
How to gauge, how to knit, and to purl;
I must try, take my time, and keep trying;
To knit a gift for this sweet baby girl.

A girl of sixteen had done it….
Knit my very first sweater with glee!
With no one here to show me the way,
But my dear Nana’s booklet and me.

I still have this book – what a treasure,
Though it’s old, but not very worn;
Little Nana gave me the gift of her book,
And a brand new knitter was born!

By Chris Webster

First, last, knit project
Each row, different stitch numbers
Good thing it's camo

First Mystery KAL
By Louise Slater

Winter is coming.
I can’t wait to start this KAL.
When will I wear it?

MKAL’s killing me.
Waiting for new episode
AND clue is too much!

The Gift (or, how my cat scored her very own fuzzy mini-blanket)
By Pamela Brown Yaeger

I'm drowning in this Barbie pink
But I'll hook on, 12 rows, I think.
The kid is three, what does she know?
Of colors, hues, of textures--no.
She wants a scarf. It must not scratch.
Just pink, then purple, garish match.

It's 4 am, my fingers burn
Just three more clusters, chain and turn.
Each row feels endless, I hate each stitch
Just one more wretched color switch
To neon purple yarn that sheds
I'm crawling with these micro threads.

I battle on, snip off the ends,
And hold it high, when truth descends:
The Barbie dream scarf cannot go.
I've added clusters to each row.
Four inches wide has grown to eight
I cannot frog, I know my fate.
And so, without another fuss
I go online, to Toys R Us..

By Sandie Russo
It's been a rough day, so how to de-stress?
Some knitting and wine I think would be best.
Knit one and sip one. Purl two, sip two.
A fun little project I'll knit in royal blue.
My wine glass is empty, so pour me some more,
As I follow my pattern, needles flying for sure!
3 hours later I'm feeling much better.
But, wait we're these some socks or a sweater?
Some socks or a sweater? I really don't know.
Oh well, at least I loved the Merlot!

By Shelly Barnes

Like so many before me in this room,
My first project started with a red loom.
Potholders were made.
The craftiness stayed.
Now my skills have done nothing but zoom!

First Project
By Tracey McKibben

My first project was a scarf
I was eight
with the urge to create
It was fuscia and took forever to complete
with ragged edges
and imperfect stitches

But imperfection imparted a desire to learn
that has never left
as I pursued my craft

I have no idea what happened to that scarf
probably the trash
but it was the beginning of my stash

By Kathryn Elise Heffner

Drunken ball of yarn,
vomiting on the floor,
Yarn is full of knots and tangled,
Yet my project requires more.

Out come the scissors
to snip in bits and pieces
My smooth scarf becomes bumpy
The sight of it gives me shivers

By Joann Smith Norman

Yarn so fluffy, sweet and bright
Mysterious as the darkest night.
Knit with brows furrowed tight...
But never finished, never right.
Acrylic nonsense, fiber siren!
Drawing knitters near and far,
But never pleasing, never soothing
Left to molder, deep in drawer
The knitter asking, "what for?"
Never finished, never loved,
Acrylic wonders, color drugged.
Chose thy yarn with careful charge,
Acrylic "novelty", no second thought!

By Maren Cole McLaren

Beautiful lace cowl
Bit through by kitten
Languishing in bag.

By Willanda Woodard-Topps Stephenson

A little leprechaun told me to buy a lot of green
To have it for St Patty's day so that I may be seen
But oh for naught I tried and tried to get the clovers right
I made them all misshapen and ever way too tight
And now you see skeins sit in bags in corners with my trash
O M G! Did I just say that!... I meant to say my stash! ;-}

By Sue Beers

Knit one, purl two, knit 2 together yo
Darn gotta do over
Stitches don't add up
Gotta rip it out
No doubt
Now the yarns is in a knot
I going to put this away
For another day
Oh! What was I making?
I forgot!

I hope you all enjoyed this first little collection! We certainly did! It will be great to see what comes next from all of you poets out there!


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  1. I was going to delete this w/o reading the post (in a hurry) but so glad that I did! I thoroughly enjoyed the poems, smiling while reading & even laughing aloud over a couple. But I'm wondering where are the celebrations of knitting success? Great post :)

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