Getting Ready for the Royal Baby Quilt SAL!

Hi everyone!

The Royal Baby Quilt Sew-A-Long (SAL) is almost here and we are getting excited! We hope you are too! Gus finished writing up the design and we are putting the finishing touches on the diagrams and everything for you. It's going to be a blast. This is the first Sew-A-Long we've ever hosted and we are hoping to knock your socks off!

Here are some things that you'll need to know before you get started next week. We've put the info together FAQ style, so here goes!

1) How will the SAL work?

Each Wednesday starting July 3rd, right here on the Jimmy Beans Wool Blog we will post directions for a square. There are four different types of squares used in this project and each week for 4 weeks you will get a new set of instructions. You will be making 4 squares each week. They are pretty simple, beginner level squares, so doing 4 per week should be just fine. The last couple of weeks will cover piecing together, quilting and binding your quilt.

2) What fabric do I use for the quilt?

Well, you are in luck! We've put together Royal Baby quilt kits which use gorgeous Kaffe Fassett's Shot Cottons with all of the pre-cut pieces of fabric you need to make your quilt including the backing, binding, and applique fabrics. The only thing you'll need to get other than the kit is your thread and batting. Easy peasy!

3) What if I want to use my own fabric?

Each week, the instructions will include the measurements you need for each square so you can use those instructions to create the squares out of your own fabrics if you prefer. The kits are all pre-cut to simplify things, but if you are a bit more experienced with quilting, using your own fabric should be a breeze.

4) Will the instructions be written?

Yes, the instructions are written and accompanied by pictures and diagrams. We will also be providing a PDF of the instructions to make each version easily printable (assuming blogger cooperates with us.) We will be available here for questions via the comments portion of the blog and also by e-mail to help with anything you need.

5) How long will the SAL last for?

The SAL will last for 6 weeks. The first 4 weeks are the quilt square instruction and the last two weeks will cover piecing, quilting, and finishing. If the pace is too quick for you, that's fine! No rush to finish in that time frame. You are more than welcome to work at your own pace and just refer back to our posts as needed. We will still be available via e-mail  or phone if you have questions.

6) What if I get really far behind and can't find the posts on the blog anymore?

Sure, it can be hard to navigate the blog once a post is no longer on the main page. We will using the tag "Royal Baby SAL" in all of the posts, so if you search the blog for posts, all of the SAL posts will come right up for you. Also, once the SAL wraps up we will be adding the quilt pattern and all instructions to the Jimmy Beans Wool Free Patterns page. You can have access to the pattern forever once it's added which should be by the end of August.

7) What items do I need at home to successfully sew my quilt?

You will need a sewing machine (and know how to use it), an iron and ironing board, scissors, a rotary cutter and board (not essential but VERY useful), thread, and batting for your quilt. Also, any other tools that you like to have on hand. The above items are just the basics.

Of course, if you have any questions that we missed in here, please either leave a comment on this blog post, or send us an e-mail at fabric (at)

We look forward to getting started next Wednesday, July 3rd with our first quilt square!

Happy sewing!

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