Sew Original Quilt & Creative Expo

We are going to the Sew Original Quilt & Creative Expo tomorrow!! We have been invited for a second year to this very, very fun event at the Grand Sierra Resort here in Reno and hope you will stop by our Stitch Red booth and say hi!!

We will have the Sew Red trunk show with us and some other fun Stitch Red goodies as well!! We will have the Piece of My Heart Pincushion kit, as well as some Knit Red books for those of you who knit as well as quilt!

The pieces from the book are worth the trip alone, but we will (Jeanne and Gus) will be there and can't wait to meet you all!!

Sew, I am off to get things together (hence the short and sweet post.) I hope to see you tomorrow!!

As always, happy knitting, crocheting, and sewing!!


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