FO's from the Royal Baby KAL/CAL!

Some folks have posted their Royal Baby Blanket FOs over in the JBW Ravelry Group thread and they looked so great I just had to share them here (with their permission, of course.)

First up we have diabro's gorgeous blanket using Universal Yarn's Classic Shades. I just love how her blanket turned out, and so does her little friend, Brad. :)

 Next we have traceyloanne's blanket. She made hers to give away in memory of a loved one, and this was an extra special gift. I think it turned out just beautifully and I love her fun colors!

Katy32's blanket was made for her sister's new baby and she finished it just in the nick of time. Seriously! That little one looks super cozy in her new auntie made blankie! Plus, I love how Katy used up a bunch of Lorna's Shepherd Worsted in her stash. Great colors!

Lastly, we have tmoran's exceptionally royal baby blanket. She subbed out a few of the squares, for squares of her own including those great crown motifs! Her blanket is entirely knit too. What fun!

Thanks everyone for letting me show off your fabulous blankets here. If you have a Royal Baby Blanket FO that you'd like to share, be sure to check out our Royal Baby Blanket FO Thread on the JBW Ravelry Group and post it on there. Then we can all "ooh" and "ahh" over your lovely creations! Thanks again everyone for participating an we hope to see you all next time!

Happy knitting and crocheting!

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