Terry's Ripple Effect Conundrum Solved! Sort of...

You all gave such wonderful advice about colors! Thank you so much! 

I have narrowed my choices down to six finalists! True, some of my choices weren't among the original combinations but were colors that came together while I was helping in store customers select colors. And these will actually go with my wardrobe better. Working here is really hard sometimes! Too many ideas, not enough time to do everything I have ideas to do!

Because I can't really choose I've decided to go with all six combinations. One or two will become Ripple Effect shawls (by Unraveled Designs) while the remainder will be stashed for other multicolored shawls! I've recently become enamored with Brian Smith's designs (aka ravelryguy) and I have lots of Romi Hill's patterns in my queue so I have no end of ideas of what to do with all these colors. Not to mention if I was left on a desert island and could only choose one yarn brand it would be Madelinetosh!

The six finalists starting on upper row left to right:
Antique Lace, Thrift Shop Dress Shirt & Denim
Leaf, Plaid Blanket, &  Glazed Pecan
Antler, Whitewash, & Denim

Lower row left to right:
Nectar, Mimosa, & Moorland
Seasalt, Parchment, & Alabaster
Nutmeg, Turtle, & Mineral

I think the last, Nutmeg, Turtle & Mineral, will be the first Ripple Effect shawl I start on.

Happy Knitting!

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