Lorna’s Laces Limited Edition Voting Results

In case you haven’t already heard, we’re celebrating 7 years of amazing hand-dyed Limited Edition colors from Lorna’s Laces by bringing back the 7 most popular colors as voted by you for a limited time only!  We know it was hard to pick just one color to vote for and that you’re all dying to find out the winners.  So here they are without any further ado. 

Runs With Horses was the runaway winner!   Originally the color from August 2012, this beautiful desert inspired mix of cerulean blues, turquoise greens, dusty purples, and just a splash of heavy patina was created by Shevawn, a former bean who is dearly missed.  The skein is named for one of Shevawn’s backpacking adventures when she and some friends stumbled upon a wild stallion in the Nevada desert. 

Hot on its heels and coming in second place was He Who Must Not Be Named.  This mix of blues, greys, and yellows was inspired by the ultimate villain of the Harry Potter books and films.  It originally debuted in July of 2011, and Harry Potter fans have been missing it ever since. 

Third place officially goes to December 2013’s color The Shire with its gorgeous mix of deep greens, teals and blues, with splashes of gray and brown - the perfect Hobbit-themed color to knit with!

The rest of the top 7 were a four-way tie so here they are in no particular order:  Sea Turtle Dream, Winter is Coming, The White Witch’s Lure, and Royal Wedding!    

The good folk at Lorna’s Laces are busy dusting off the secret recipes for these colors and dyeing up a storm.  If you’re worried about missing out once they arrive, you can pre-order your skeins now and we’ll ship them out on September 1st.  We’ll have limited quantities of each color in Shepherd Sock, ShepherdWorsted, and Honor.  Don’t miss out for the second time!

Thanks so much to everyone who participated.  We had a great time in the shop hotly debating our favorite colors, cheering the ones that were winning and bitterly cursing the defeat of the ones that were losing (sniff—That’s How We Roll—sniff).  We hope you all had fun!


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  1. Love love love that you had us vote and are bringing back all these colors!!! Thank you!!!

  2. Fantastic, this was my choice. Do you see a central theme in the colors?

  3. Wow all subdued colors - no bright colors. :( How do you pre-order? I missed the Royal Wedding and want to make sure I get it this time. Thanks.

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