Extra, Extra!!! We've got Blue Sky Alpacas Fever!!!

Extra, Extra!!! We've got Blue Sky Alpacas Fever!!! 

If you think the Blue Sky Alpaca trunk show is love at first sight, you should really come touch them! It only gets better! 

Our ladies modeled a number of the garments, including (from left to right in the group shot): the crocheted Daisy Wrap in Metalico, silver; the Kaw Valley Wrap in Alpaca Silk, Ruby; the Sylvia Sweater in Alpaca Silk, White, the Peruvian Cable scarf in Worsted Hand Dyes, Rusty Orange; the Brushed Suri Wrap in Brushed Suri, Whipped Cream; and the Brushed Suri Tunic also in Brushed Suri, Sweet Potato Pie. 

Also in shop are the crocheted Valerie's Cardigan and the Vladimira's Shell. Be sure to stop by before Sept. 23rd to check them out in person! 

We also have a free class coming up Sept 27th to make the Fractal Cowl, using BSA's new Extra Yarn! We've waived the class fee, you'll just need to come in and purchase Extra Yarn in your favorite color (and needles or notions as needed!) Hope to see you soon, for the trunk show, the class, or any of your other yarn needs!
The Retail Team - Gus, Jen A, Jill, Matt & Terry

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