News Flash.... Now in the store! An Erika Knight trunk show!!!

Now through September 23rd we have an Erika Knight trunk show on display!

Legendary U.K. knitwear designer Erika Knight is to Great Britain what Ralph Lauren is to the USA a designer with a passionate commitment to the handmade and “an unwaveringly- held belief in the importance of treading lightly on the earth and celebrating and supporting traditional (sic) skills.” (excerpt from her website)

Erika is the author of more than 25 books, has designed and consulted to the British fashion industry for years, and designed garments for Team GB for the 2010 Vancouver Games. With the launch of her own brand of yarn and patterns she has become very well known here in the US too in recent years.

The garments she has chosen to include in the trunk show showcase not only showcase her yarns but also a selection of patterns from multiple designers, many of the free on There's a little of something for everyone.

These crocheted Spanish Comb scarves by Linda Dean lovely in both Maxi Wool and Vintage Wool.

There are knits for baby which include not only hats and fun furry vests but these adorable baby pullovers in Vintage Wool! Don't you just love those optional elbow patches?! 

Then there is the Foxy Fur Scarf & Mitts and a red Fur Jacket, both in FurWool yarn. Patterns by Erika Knight! Doesn't Mikayla, one of our order fulfillment elves, looks stunning!


 Jen A, the newest face in our retail store, modeled both the With a Twist cardigan by Mari Chiba and the Highland Avenue cardigan by Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark both patterns are available on        

Brad, another one of our order fulfillment elves, is always a good sport and modeled the Pauley Jumper! A retro RAF style pullover knit in Vintage Wool.

Stop by and take a look at the entire collection or call us and ask questions while we have the garments in our hot little hands!
The Retail Team - Gus, Jen A, Jill, Matt, & Terry

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