#GoAheadMakeMalabrigo: 6 Top Knitwear Designers Talk About Malabrigo


Inspired by our newest shipment of marvelous Malabrigo, we checked in with designers Melissa Leapman (designer featured in Malabrigo Book 2, among many other things), Alex Tinsley (Dull Roar Designs), Andrea Rangel (Andrea Rangel Knits), Alexa Ludeman (Tin Can Knits), Julie Weisenberger (Cocoknits), and Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton (Hamilton Yarns) to get their take on this classic yet innovative yarn. Check out their answers to our quirky questions below!

JBW: If Malabrigo colors were Skittles flavors, which would be your favorite?
Melissa Leapman: Sour Green Apple (Apple Green), of course! Who doesn't like to pucker up?
Alex Tinsley: Sour Strawberry! But maybe that's just my actual favorite flavor (I do love Mal reds though.)
Andrea Rangel: I love orange...so I think I'd go with Rhodesian. It looks delicious!
Alexa Ludeman: Cherry (Ravelry Red)...maybe lime (Lettuce)?
Julie Weisenberger: Classic Vanilla, i.e., Natural. I know, so boring but I never get tired of it!
Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton: Raspberry

JBW: If you were stranded on a desert (arctic most likely) island and you could only have one Malabrigo base for the rest of your life, which would it be?
Melissa: Silky Merino. Great drape, great sheen, great all around!
Alex: Merino Worsted will always be my fave.
Andrea: If I was stranded on an arctic island, I'd have to take Malabrigo Sock along. It's soft, durable, comes in beautiful colors, and if I wanted something heavier than fingering weight, I could hold multiple strands together.
Alexa: I would choose Malabrigo Worsted, so soft and smooshy!
Julie: I would have to say Chunky! I love how it's plied but not too regularly, it still has a hand-made feel to it. And since I'll be on an arctic island I'll need it for warmth ;).
Cornelia: Rastita.

JBW: If you could take your favorite Malabrigo yarn on a date, where would you go?
Melissa: A cruise to South America. I could knit up all the Malabrigo I bring with me onboard and then replenish my supply during a visit to the factory!
Alex: Hmmm... Sledding followed by hot buttered beverages in front of the fire.
Andrea: I'd take a bike ride to the beach and knit while watching the sunset.
Alexa: I would take Malabrigo Worsted out for a lovely evening. We would go roller skating (ironically) and then out for tacos. No reason, I'm just in the mood for tacos.
Julie: I'd buy a baguette, cheese and bottle of wine and take my Malabrigo (and needles) on a picnic along the Seine.
Cornelia: I would take them to a gallery opening!

JBW: What is your absolute favorite project to knit with Malabrigo and why?
Melissa: Writing an entire book of patterns using their yarn (Malabrigo Book 2)! It would allow me the opportunity to play for hours and hours with tons of qualities and colors. Pure heaven!!
Alex: Hats of course :)
Andrea: Making my Sentiment Shawl with Rasta was really fun. It's so bright, quick, and luxurious. Plus, I love knitting lace!
Alexa: Lace. I am currently obsessed with Emily's Gothic Lace scarf in Malabrigo Worsted, the lace looks great in a worsted weight!
Julie: My Prairie Boots Pattern, in which case I would use colored yarn ;).
Cornelia: Boleros and shawlettes, because the yarns and colors are so great as an accessory!

I hope you had as much fun as we did when we got to read these, and you're inspired to create with Malabrigo Yarns!!!

Also, you can still join in the fun on Ravelry with our #GoAheadMakeMalabrigo Challenge; it ends September 30th!!


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