On the Ninth Day of Yarn-mas, Jimmy got for me, 80s Dance Mix from Holiday Yarns!!!

What ladies don't love a good 80s Dance Mix?!?! 

Well, Holiday Yarns Dye Studio knows this fact about all ladies dancing (especially nine ladies dancing), and created a dance party in their Flock Sock 80s Dance Mix for us #justatjimmys!!!

Holiday Yarns are just as fun and festive as they sound, with their super saturated and sassy colors noone can resist feeling the spirit of the season- all year long!!!

We were lucky enough to hear amazing things about their yarns this Summer and fell in love with them at first sight, so we began working on any scenario we could to get them at Jimmy Beans Wool!!! 

Make sure to check out the latest Yarn-mas Carol verse, and stay tuned for the next three days of festive fibers!!!! 

Have a very Merry Yarn-mas!!! ~Olivia 

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