On the Seventh Day of Yarn-mas, Jimmy got for me, Seven Swans a Swimming from a Verb for Keeping Warm!!!

Seven Swans a Swimming- Actually Seven Swans a Floating!!!! 

Literally! When you touch this yarn you will float!!! 

It's subtle and soft colors envelope your senses, and then you reach out and the company A Verb for Keeping Warm does its magic and you're holding Alpaca, Cashmere, and Silk- and the rest is history!!!

Straight from A Verb for Keeping Warm (because it is so well said):
"Spinning, dyeing, knitting, felting, weaving, and sewing are all verbs used to describe how communities have created cloth, garments, and other fiber-based goods. Such acts embody love and creativity. And such objects provide protection from the elements and keep us warm. Our company honors these traditions by offering a wide range of textile related materials, such as fiber, yarn, and fabric, along with classes to instill the skill and practice of creating your own clothing and warmth."

Don't forget to check out our latest Yarn-mas verse, and stay tuned for the next 5 stunning additions to our carol!!!

Merry Yarn-mas!!! ~Olivia 

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