Live Long and Prosper: Remembering Spock

Those of you who follow our Lorna’s Limited Edition Colors know that we’re fans of sci-fi in general and especially of Star Trek - a feeling that many in the knitting world share. (What, knitting and nerdiness go hand in hand? I didn't know!)

Like all Star Trek fans, we were immediately and greatly saddened to learn of Leonard Nimoy’s recent death, and many of our customers wrote to us to ask that we revive one of our past colors in tribute to him. We thought, what better way to memorialize one of our favorite actors than with yarn? So we asked Lorna’s to create a special run of the color Live Long and Prosper, with an extra-long run of blue to represent the color of his Starfleet uniform. It's gorgeous - and we think Spock himself would approve.

Shepherd Sock

Live Long and Prosper is available for pre-order in Shepherd Sock and Honor. Lorna's is dyeing the yarn now, and it will ship by the end of May, if not sooner. 


Rest in Peace, Spock. \\//

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