We've got cabin fever.

No, we don't all live in cabins, silly! It may be the High Sierra, but we're not the Donner Party!

That may have been tasteless. I apologize. (And no pun intended, by the way...I just can't help myself!)

No, what I meant was, we're ready for Spring!

Spring...hello, Spring...where are you? You can officially arrive any. time. now.

We've had a few days of warm sun, but real warm weather isn't quiiiite here yet. But that doesn't mean we can't prepare by planning our Spring knitting projects! Here are a few that have caught our eye:

Dragneficient by Penny Schumers (bottom right, above)

Morning Dove Shawlette by Pam Jemelian (top right, above) - in Tosh Merino Light (fave!)

Striped Spring Shirt from Purl Soho (left, above)

Lake Effect Cardigan by Amy Miller (swoooooon!)

Or how about a shawl to use up some of that stashed sock yarn?

Yes, please! The Raindrops and Roses Shawl by Clara Beauty is a...beauty!

What sorts of gorgeous things are getting you excited about Spring knitting? Share them with us!

Happy Spring (hopefully, soon)!


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