Drop it Like it's Hot (your stitch, that is...)

Top: Monika's Deep Sea Shrug/Wrap; Bottom: Diagonal Drop Stitch Shawl, Drop Stitch TShirt, Drop Stitch Scarf

We've been dropping stitches left and right lately...and loving it!

No, we haven't lost our minds. Not THAT kind of dropped stitch - we mean "drop stitches" - the kind you drop on purpose for an artistic effect!

It's like lace...with a little cheat. Kind of like how when I'm reading a book that I hate, I speed-read to finish it faster, and my husband calls it "cheating at reading".

But you didn't really need to know that. :)

Drop stitches create an open, airy fabric that's great for shawls, scarves, and even sweaters that can be worn over tank tops. So drop some stitches and let that breeze flow through!

But where to start? Well, here's a place:

Leanne and Rachel are here to help!

As Leanne and Rachel so helpfully explain, many drop stitch designs are accomplished by making yarn-overs on one row, and then dropping the extra yarn off the needle on the next row. Genius! 

Monika used this technique in her Deep Sea Shawl/Wrap, pictured below in Yarn Carnival Fire Dancer in our May Micro Brewed Series color, Jacques Cousteau. Gorgeous!

Other drop-stitch designs (like the vertical lines you see in the orange sweater in the top photo) are created by dropping a stitch off the needle and letting it unravel all the way down to the cast-on edge. The cast-on keeps it from totally unraveling, so you're safe! Whew! And you get a vertical row of lacy eyelets with just a flick of the finger. It's like magic!

Does that make us magicians? Yes. Yes, it does. Stitchmagicians!

Now get out there and make some stitchmagic. Practice up and you'll be all ready for THIS:

What the what! It's Rachel's latest Mystery Knit-Along, where you binge on clues as you binge on the newest episodes of Orange is the New Black on Netflix! It starts June 12th, and the mystery item features drop stitches in a new and interesting way! But that's all I can tell you, or I might have to kill you! 

Just kidding. I'm a lover, not a fighter. But I will fight for yarn.

Seriously, though, you're gonna love this Binge MKAL...it's so genius, it's nearly criminal!

OK, I'll stop now. But one last thing: don't forget your yarn! Pick up a Binge MKAL kit - it includes the download code for the pattern, too - or grab any skein of Sportmate and let them know in the notes you want the download code, and they'll add it to your order for just $3!

Happy Knitting!


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