Buttonhole Basics Part 2: Crochet

Buttonholes are a must when you're a button collecting fiend! While there are many (many many many) ways to make a buttonhole, we've put together a quick tutorial on the basics! In our last post we covered 3 different types of knit button holes, and in this post we're covering 3 ways to crochet a buttonhole! Of course we're covering the classics, horizontal and vertical, and as a bonus there is the chain buttonhole!

If you like watching more than reading, we've filmed short video how-tos for all three of these buttonholes! Video links are below with each technique. :)

Horizontal Crochet Buttonhole: This buttonhole is my go-to. It looks clean, is sturdy, and is super easy to create. To start, crochet to where you want your buttonhole to start, chain however many you want your buttonhole wide (I did 3), skip the same number of stitches in the previous row (again, 3 for me), then continue crocheting. On your way back simple crochet across the chain! I like to crochet into the back V of the chain stitches when doing this. It's easy-peasy and I think it looks cleaner, too! Watch our video on Horizontal Crochet Buttonholes!

Vertical Crochet Buttonhole: You will need some extra yarn or a separate ball of yarn to make one side of a vertical buttonhole. I used a different color here so you can see where I switched to the scrap yarn parts. Crochet this buttonhole by working to where you want the buttonhole to begin, making sure you are crocheting towards the edge of the work on which you want the buttonhole. When you get to where you want the buttonhole, turn your work and crochet back across. Work as many rows as you want your buttonhole high (I did 3 rows of half double crochet), ending on a row that has you crocheting towards the buttonhole edge again. Pull your last loop out a ways so you can take your hook out and don't have to worry about your work unraveling. If you want to be on the safe side, you can put a locking stitch marker through that loop so it can't get pulled out by accident. 

Attach your extra yarn and begin crocheting the second side of your buttonhole working towards the buttonhole edge. You can attach your yarn in the stitch next to the 1st buttonhole edge, or a stitch away, it is totally up to you. I skipped that first stitch to leave a bit more room. Crochet one less row than you did for the first side of your button hole (2 rows for me!). Cut your extra yarn, leaving 4" or so, plenty to easily weave in.

If you put a stitch marker to hold your loop from the first side of your button hole, remove it, and get your hook in position to continue crocheting from that loop. For those who skip a stitch like I did for a slightly wider buttonhole, chain 1 and continue crocheting to the end of the row across second side of the buttonhole. If you didn't skip a stitch, don't chain and continue crocheting to the end of the row. Yippee! A vertical buttonhole is born! Watch our video on Vertical Crochet Buttonholes! 

Crochet Chain Buttonholes: Chain button holes are not only functional, they can look pretty, too! And they're beautifully simple to make. You can crochet these button holes along the last row of a project (shown here), or perpendicular to it along the vertical edges (not shown). To create chain buttonholes, all you need to do is slip stitch, chain whatever amount of chains give you the buttonhole you want, and slip stitch. 

For a flat buttonhole that sits against your work (shown in picture as the buttonhole closest to the hook), slip a stitch to anchor the buttonhole, chain the number of stitches long you want your buttonhole, skip that many stitches on the row below (or approximate length along the vertical edge), and finish it by slipping the next stitch. Note that this type of buttonhole isn't very stable and can pull when buttoned, distorting the fabric. To strengthen it, you can work a row or two of single crochet over it!

For more of a button-loop that arches out, chain more stitches than you skip in the row below, or don't skip any for a more teardrop-shaped loop. These can be stretchy, but won't pull at the finished fabric as much, just make sure that the buttons they connect to aren't placed at the very edge of the fabric, otherwise you'll have a gap between the fabric the button and button loop is connecting. Watch our video on Crochet Chain Buttonholes!

I hope you found this buttonhole tutorial helpful! If you have any questions, you ask in the comments, or send an email to our All Things Yarn expert Terry, at AskTerry@jimmybeanswool.com.

Thanks for reading and happy crocheting!

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