Beanie Bag Subscribers - We Want Your Opinion!

Beanie Bags are a huge hit, and we'd like to continue to give you bag content that you are excited about which is why we'd love if you would take the quick poll below! In honor of keeping things fun fresh every month (and of course a surprise!), we wanted to ask a quick question about how important a notion in each bag is to you.

So please let us know what you think! And, feel free to leave any additional comments on this post if you have further feedback. We'd love to hear from you!

Here is the poll:

To notion or not to notion? How important are notions in your Beanie Bag?

I love them, I want them every month!
They are great, but I don't need them every month!
Skip them! I don't want notions at all!
I don't care either way.
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Thanks so much for taking the time to give your opinion! Happy knitting and crocheting! Kristen

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we need your opinion


  1. A few have been really great, but please skip the ones that are like the single marker ... not so useful or interesting. If they were better in quality but less often included, that would be OK.

  2. I subbed because I love the idea of sampling yarn, and am very satisfied on that front. I thought I would not care much about the notions, but find i really enjoy them. 2 i think of in particular: the Knitter's pride gauge checker with the window that has 4"/10cm marked, is the best gauge checker I've seen (i do have several others lol). And the jeweled stitch marker; I have lots of stitch markers but all very plain and this made me think maybe i should get some sparkly ones. Also since it is locking type I can use it for crochet as well as knit. So I'm in favor of getting notions every month, but if for some reason you need to skip a month here and there, i can live with that :-)

  3. Some of it depends. That one in this last bag seems really cheap compared to the other ones that have been included in past bags, and it was only one in the bag. I liked when we got the Shawl pin.

    If the patterns are ones where size is important, could they be improved sizing? There have been quite a few where they are in no way near fitting when done as described, and I am not a large woman.

  4. I appreciate the notions as a "born again" knitter, they are little surprises that boost my tool stash. I haven't knit since high school and find that I really didn't know too much about the craft or items that make the craft easier or more fun. Now, with the Beanie Bags, I am learning skills, yarn types, and so much more than I expected. As a teacher, I appreciate how this has helped me grow! Keep it up Jimmy Beans Wool!

  5. The notions are my favorite part!

  6. I'm hit and miss with the notions. Some I love...some not so much. But what I don't want I can always take to my LYS and there is someone willing to give it a good home. So I don't really have a preference.

  7. Love the notions, but I want them to be knitting related. I don't want or need lip, hand cream, etc. Just some good quality knitting notions would be great.

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