VOTE!!! For your favorite yarn!

There's one thing everyone in the USA can agree on: this year's presidential election has been extremely polarizing! We're here to bring us all back into one happy family; instead of "Red State" and "Blue State", let's all be Purple State!

Lorna's has created two one-of-a-kind, Just-at-Jimmy's colorways to commemorate the 2016 election, and they're available exclusively as a pre-order in Shepherd Sock, Shepherd Worsted and Solemate!

Now tell us - Speckle or semi-solid? That's a choice that you can feel good about! Just place your order and expect a happy surprise in your mailbox around Election Day. No matter what the results of the election, at least you'll have some yummy yarn!!!

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  1. I love the purple speckled! It is so lovely and it reminds me something that elections should generate and that is a positive change. I would love a sock weight in this. Socks could show that positive change can grow from a small thing into something big. Thank you

  2. Speckled. I love my socks to be different. And, it remind me that when I was young and gathering the eggs, I was bringing in only the speckled ones. They tasted better, in my opinions.

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