Breast Cancer Awareness Month & Mindy's Journey

In August 2016, our beloved JBW employee and "mother hen," Mindy, was diagnosed with breast cancer. After undergoing surgery and treatments, she has successfully entered remission and won her battle against cancer. We are so grateful to have Mindy with us, as she is truly the glue that holds Jimmy Beans together.

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Reflecting on her experience, Mindy has expressed so much gratitude for the breast cancer organizations that assisted her during her diagnosis and treatments. She is especially grateful for for providing her with an abundance of information and resources after her diagnosis, along with a local breast cancer organization called Moms On The Run that provided her with comfortable clothing and support while she was going through treatments.  

We all know someone who has been affected by breast cancer, and this October we have decided to pay it forward and join the the millions of women (and men!) in the U.S. who have fought or are still fighting this vicious disease. We've teamed up with Lorna's Laces to create our new Mindy's Hat Kits for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Mindy's Hat Kit includes one skein of Lorna's Laces Cloudgate in our October limited edition colorway, "Ta-Tas," along with two interchangeable fur pom-poms that can snap on and off of the finished hat. The kit also features a beautiful cabled hat pattern, designed by Jenny Nelson. For every Mindy's Hat kit sold throughout the month of October, we will be donating $5 to the breast cancer organizations that helped our sweet Mindy during her battle. 50% of the donations will be given to the national, and the other 50% will be given to our own Reno-based Moms On The Run organization. 

Breast cancer continues to be one of the most common cancers found in women throughout the U.S. and around the world. Together, we can give back to the wonderful organizations that provide so much for the women fighting their own battle against breast cancer. 

This October, we knit for Mindy, our mothers, grandmothers, sisters, and friends. Who do you knit for?

"Mama Mindy"


Jimmy & the Beans

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  1. Thank you for the chance to support Breast Cancer Awareness and to
    support Mindy. I look forward to knitting this beautiful and meaningful hat.