The Soul Behind The Skein

Earlier this year, we invited you to join us on “Jimmy’s Journey to 15” - a 15 day video series that highlighted our fifteen years in business thus far. Boy, does time fly.

...And so do we!

*drum roll, please*
(knitting needles can be used as drumsticks, right?)

This November, we are excited to bring you Season 2 of Jimmy’s Journey! We’ll be packing our bags and hopping on a plane to get a firsthand look into the lives of our friends in the international fiber arts community, without whom our story couldn’t be told.

The legacy of what we cast on doesn't just begin in that moment, but starts with the hands that make our craft possible. We wanted to bring you a "behind the skeins" look at what type of work that goes into the tools we use, but more importantly, a look into the lives that create them. Because these individuals help us tell our story, we wanted to tell theirs.

For a sneak peek, check out the video below!

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