Magical Knits and House Picks!

It's almost our favorite wizard's birthday! He's turning 38 this year. (Yeah, we can't believe it either!) July 31st is the day, and we want to celebrate in style! While we're still waiting for our acceptance letter to arrive - it's weird that it's been lost in the mail for over 20 years - we're sure that it will be arriving any day!

While we continue to play the waiting game, the wizards here at Jimmy Beans have curated the perfect scarf kits to show your House pride! Not sure which House you belong to? Not a problem, we're here to help!

Are you brave, courageous, and chivalrous? Do you have the heart of a lion, but also have a daring and, sometimes, reckless side? If this sounds like you, ought to be... Brave Lion!

Are you intelligent, creative, and witty? Are you able to think your way out of a difficult situation, without making a rash or reckless decision? If this sounds like you, ought to be... Wise Raven!

Are you hardworking, patient, just, and loyal? Are you there for those closest to you, always offering a listening ear and a shoulder to lean on? If this sounds like you, ought to be... Loyal Badger!

Are you ambitious, cunning, and resourceful? Do you know what you want, and go after it, even though it means that you sometimes put yourself first, above all others? If this sounds like you, ought to be... Cunning Serpent!

Order your House scarf kit today, and you'll be decked out in wizard-style just in time for the Chosen One's birthday! Which House are you in? Let us know in the comments below, crafting wizards!

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