A Needle Guide for Your Needles

They say the pen is mightier than the sword... well what if I told you there was a magical thing that’s

the size of a pen, but as sharp as a sword? You’d call me a fool. I’d call you a monster, wiping away
my tears because I thought you were my friend, and I don’t understand why you’d choose to hurt me!

All kidding aside, you’d be wrong. That magical item exists...

Behold---the knitting needle.

These little babies come in all sizes and are made out of all kinds of stuff: aluminum, brass, steel,
bamboo, birch, plastic, and even carbon fiber. Knitting needles also come in several configurations:
single-pointed, double-pointed, and fixed circulars. Combine that with the various manufacturers of
these needles and you have A LOT of choices in front of you..

So, here’s what’s going to happen. We’re gonna check out which materials work best for certain yarn.
And then we’ll take a look at which needle types work best for which projects.


Wooden Needles

Wooden needles tend to be a bit more comfortable, as they are warm to the touch. They’re also quieter
than their metal counterparts. These needles grip yarn a little bit more due to the texture of their material.
So, if you’re using a yarn that’s a bit more slippery, wooden needles can keep it from sliding all over
the place. Here are some patterns/yarns that would be great for wooden needles!



Metal Needles

Metal needles stay cooler, and they are also sharper and smoother than other needles. This allows
you to slide the yarn along them more easily, making them better suited for speed-demon knitters
and/or those who tend to knit a bit tightly. Check out these patterns/yarns that are perfect for metal needles!


Plastic Needles and Hybrid Needles

Let's say you're at a bit of a crossroads. Wooden needles might be too rough for you, and metal needles are a bit too slick or cold. You're looking for something that's juuuuust right. Well buckle up, Goldilocks, because we're about to dive into the fun stuff. 

You see, plastic needles are great for heavier yarns, blends with synthetic fibers, and medium to tightly plied yarns. They're usually fairly pointy and are warm in your hands. Pretty cool, huh? And don't even get me started on hybrid needles. Karbonz, for example, boast a smooth, carbon fiber body. This make them both flexible and strong. Brass tips give them a sharp point, making them perfect for heavier yarns. 

So which needles sound right for YOUR project?

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  1. I have used all types and brands of knitting needles. I tend to like the Denise best and seem to always fall back to them. One advantage to their circulsr needles is that the cords that you attach to the needles are heavier than the other brands i have tried and thus easier for me to control the stitches sitting on them while knitting. Also they come in varios colors so not only are they pretty, but you can choose a cord color that doesn't match your yarn!

  2. I love Hiya Hiya sharps 4" interchangeables. I bought both sets small (US 2-8) and large (US 9-15). Couldn't be happier with what I consider to be a very wise purchase.

  3. I have a huge collection of knitting needles--almost any brand you can think of. My go to needles are the Addi Sock Rockets circulars. I have the whole set and love how my stitches glide on those needles!

  4. I like working with all needles however, my best experience is working with the wood needles.

  5. I have a large collection of needles. Once I go used to interchangeable circulars, I never looked back. I like bamboo or plastic for everyday knitting, and my Karbonz for socks.

  6. Love my ChiaoGoo twist set! Those red cords are so cooperative. I also have the Takumi and Denise sets, but seem to default to ChiaoGoos because I love the cords.

  7. Love the ChiaGoo red cords! They are perfect for magic loop knitting.

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