Welcome to Namaste: Reincarnated. :)

The beans have officially been spilled: We are now the proud owners of the Namaste Brand of Handbags and Accessories for the Mindful Knitter. WHAT? How in the heck did this happen?! Well…

Earlier this year I reached out to my friend Kelly, the founder of Namaste, and asked if she was still interested in selling the business to us. She said YES! (A few years ago, she and her husband closed the business down after a divorce.)

You see, Kelly started Namaste in the mid-2000s, back when Jimmy Beans was still a 500 sq ft shop in Truckee, when Doug still had full time job elsewhere, and when none of us were quite sure if this “internet thing” was going to catch on (Facebook had just started!). You could say that Kelly and I grew up in the yarn industry together - and became lifelong friends as a result. We’d see each other - and hang out - at TNNA (the yarn industry trade show) and at Stitches and VKLive Events. We created some fun, special products together (anyone remember Stitch Red Oh Snaps?) and were constantly comparing notes about how to make our industry, our businesses, and ourselves - better.

Anyway, when the sh** hit the fan and she had to shutter the business, she called me & asked if I could take over. At the time, I just couldn’t make it happen… (remember the launch of beanie bags? the flood? We were busy beans!), but now - with Kelly’s guidance - we’re officially re-launching (reincarnating?) Namaste!

We’re bringing back some old favorites like the Oh Snap Pouches and Buddy Cases (Kelly and i compared notes and made improvements based on years of feedback from you). We’ve created some new goodies like the Knitter’s Train Case & Knitter’s Dot Journal. Handbags? We’ve updated the vegan leather & added some pretty awesome features to make them ever MORE knitter specific than before (a key leash that doubles as a tape measure? A decorative emergency stitch marker? A patent-pending lotus yarn feeder?! Yep. Stay tuned for a big reveal on the handbag line really soon!!)   

Anyway, it’s been a super fun, super crazy 6 months: traveling to china (twice), designing new products, getting to know the people who make them (Linli, Mr Chen, and Mr Qiu!), learning about manufacturing, materials & sustainability, and even getting to know more about ourselves - and WHY we are doing this.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be filming videos, taking lots of photos, and receiving our first shipment of knitting handbags. And don’t worry - our plan is to share everything with you as it happens, including some of the stuff that we’ve learned (and some of the people that we’ve met) along the way.  To be quite honest, this has been a life changing experience for both of us - and we’re so grateful to have you as part of it.

For now, Namaste… and Welcome to Knitting Nirvana.

- Laura (aka Jimmy) & Kelly.

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  1. Oh I'm so very happy to hear this! Back when I heard Namaste was for sale I had dreams of buying and continuing the brand but that wasn't possible for me. I am so glad Namaste is coming back! :-D

  2. SO GLAD!! I still use my Namaste hand/knitting bag daily and can’t wait to update my collection!

  3. Great news! So glad Namaste is coming back and has great new "home"

  4. I love my Harlowe and even went and got a few others to store if/when mine died. It's showing a lot of love (wear and tear) but I hope it's got a few years left in it! Glad to see the brand is making a comeback!

  5. Loved these bags! I splurged on two of them. Can hardly wait to see what new goodies are in store! Yeah!

  6. What wonderful news ... and not at all surprising that the Namaste brand reputation for excellence has endured! With Kelly's kind permission, I featured my own personal Namaste Monroe knitting bag in the peacock color in the main cover photo for the PDF pattern release of my gkgreen designs original knitwear design “Celtic Ruana,” which made its public debut at TNNA in January 2012. Interest in the bag (still visible in the Ravelry pattern listing photo) is such that I still get questions about it more than six and a half years later!

    1. I certify that I am not a robot ... ☺️ and if you click on the link "G. K. Green / gkgreen designs" in the header of the post above, you can see that main cover photo incorporating the peacock-colored Monroe bag by Namaste! ��️��

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