Five Things to Love about JBW's Customer Service!

If we got a notion for every time we heard, "I LOVE your customer service!", well... we'd have a warehouse full of them! Making our customers happy is our #1 goal and it's been our mission since Laura (aka Jimmy, our Founder and Chief Knitter!) opened our doors back in 2002! 

Our team is made up of knitting and crochet fanatics who LOVE talking all things yarn and we most enjoy sharing those passions with all of you! 

So, whether you're a frequent JBW shopper or a first time buyer (welcome!), here are five fun things to know about Jimmy Beans Wool's Customer Service! 

1) No Phone Tree

How do we show you that your call is very important to us?? We answer it! No phone trees here, when you call in to Jimmy Beans, we answer (and we do it with a huge smile!!). Give us a try! We can be reached at (877) 529-5648.

2) Easy To Get A Hold Of 

Hey, we just met you... and this is crazy.. but here's our number (877)529-5648... call us maybe?! It's toll free! If calling's not your cup of tea, you can always reach us by email (, Live Chat (top right corner on our website!), snail mail (4850 Joule St. Ste A1, Reno, NV 89502), or on social media! We're available anyway that works for you!

3) Super Friendly Customer Service Team 

We're a team of yarn lovin' folks and love it most when you reach out to chat about things we're passionate about! We'll always treat your call like you're a member of our family (because... well, to us, you are!). Reach out to our team, and you'll find a friendly, excited, and understanding person on the other line. We can't wait to hear from you!

4) Unlimited Call Times

No time limits here! Call us and we'll chat until your needs are resolved! We have no company call time parameters and certainly no technology telling our team they've been on the line too long. Whatever your needs are, we're here to help!

5) You-Oriented! 

Broke a needle? We'll exchange it! Need help finding a specific yarn? We'll find it! How can we make YOU happy?! We'll do it! It's our #1 goal!

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  1. you bunch truly are amazing, I've never EVER been treated so kindly, any and all contact with JBW has always left me with a big smile.

  2. We are a group of loving yarn kids and love it the most when it comes to chatting about the things we love! We will always treat your call as a member of our family. Come to our group, and you will find friendship, enjoyment, and understanding on another line. We can't wait to hear from you! Ineeded check this article for now. There are no end times here! Call us and we will chat until your needs are resolved! We don’t have company call times and there is no technology that tells our team that they have been on the line too long.

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