The Picture of Dorian Macramé: Home Economics

Settle in, folks, it's time for a short but sweet Home Ec class this week! As we all know, there is a ton of stuff that needs doing around the house...and especially before the advent of modern manufacturing, fiber crafts were a huge part of making your house feel like home. Today we're lucky, and many of us can turn to our yarn stashes as a relaxing hobby! So, how do we use yarn as home decor?

So many of us here at Jimmy Beans are knitters and crocheters that some of the first ideas we came up with were throw pillows and blankets. Of course we love those -- is there anything better than snuggling up on the couch after a long day with a cozy afghan? I think not!

Noro Fair Isle Pillow Cover@laurazander's morning routine!Scheepjes Popcorn and Cables Throw
But that's not the only way we use fiber in the home. You might have noticed a retro trend returning lately, that we hinted at in the title of this post: macramé! 

Macramé had a resurgence in the 1970's, so many of us associate the style with hippies and earthy-types, but the style is so much older than that. There's a general consensus that modern macramé originated with Arabic weavers in the 1200's; the word itself is related to the Arabic word miqrama and the Turkish word makrama, meaning "bedspread" or "towel" respectively. It came from the trend of tying off the loose strings on the ends of woven textiles into fancy designs, and evolved from there! The craft can also be traced back to China in 200 AD, when wall hangings were often decorated with knot-tying.

Modern Macramé

Nowadays, we decorate our homes with macramé around all sorts of things. It's ever-popular for hanging planters, but we also see macramé used around light fixtures, on table legs, table cloths, and table runners, and even on plain wall hangings!

Are you interested in learning macramé? If you're local to Reno, check out our macramé class this weekend with Gissell Leon of Succulent G

What other kind of fiber crafts do you use around the home? Let us know in the comments! 

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