Easter Dinner Project Ideas!

Easter is right around the corner, and what is a better way to ring in spring than to celebrate with your loved ones around the dinner table?! Well, we might not be able to do just that this year, but what we CAN do is knit and crochet up an April fête just for ourselves. Some clever Beans here at JBW have put together a veritable feast just in time for the holiday!

To start with, we have some delicious and colorful appetizers brought to us straight from Freia. These Minikins are sure to please anyone feeling snacky.  
Freia Minikins
Freia Minikins

Then, of course, every dinner table worth its salt needs a centerpiece. Why not a beautiful springtime Bouquet?

Jimmy Beans Bouquet

And if your table is beautiful, your outfit should certainly match! Why not a beautiful Orchid Path Shawl and a Namaste Circle Bag to pair?

It wouldn’t be an Easter table without the Easter Bunny and some friends. These Toft Amigurumi Crochet Kits are here to help you bring the whole team together!

With the Easter bunny here, we're certainly having an Easter egg hunt!! This Scheepjes XL Colour Pack has 58 bright and squishy eggs to hide!
Scheepjes XL ColourPack

If you have kids around, one of the sweetest parts of celebrating Easter is the collection of jelly beans and other colorful candies! These Cocoknits Makers Keep stitch markers are just the thing to satisfy that bright and shiny sweet tooth.
Cocoknits Makers Keep Stitch Markers

As you sit down to eat, you might reach first for some delicious dinner rolls. Well, how about della Q Crochet Roll(s) instead?
della Q Crochet Roll

Everybody needs a little dessert after the meal is over. Good thing Jimmy Beans has these handy Pie Kits for dessert.
Cherry Pie Kit

And - of course you made too much food! Take something on the go with you with a Namaste Oh Snap bag.
Namaste Oh Snap

Sounds like the perfect Easter dinner to us!

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